Posted by: Teeif | 5 August, 2008

Amecon 08 and Neku cosplay preview.

So, I’ve been busy…

Here’s the reason I’ve dropped down to one post a week lately:

Neku costume [1280x768]

It’s cosplay! On Saturday night (Matthew) I’m going to be Neku from The world ends with you. This is my first time cosplaying and this was adapted by hand smile_nerd. To be honest there wasn’t much skill involved, just a lot of time and it felt like a D+T project. It was fun to do some practical things again and I wouldn’t be daunted at a project on a larger scale.

This weekend I’ll be off to Amecon in Leicester. It’s Britain’s biggest anime convention yet there is only capacity for 1,500. Anime expo in London is, perhaps, better attended but is not a convention. With such limited capacity, tickets are sold out (somewhat) way in advance (but there are often cancellations) and many people come without tickets so the numbers are a little higher than tickets sold.

While Amecon sounds popular, bear in mind that tickets are set lower than demand due to capacity restraints particularly those set by Health and Safety nazis. Nevertheless, Amecon is certainly successful, having been run since 2004.

I think, looking at some of the other reports on animé conventions there is one fundamental difference that sets British cons from almost everywhere else – this is alcohol. Asians aren’t too keen on drinking and if they are, certainly not on premises while Americans have a higher age limit. Amecon on the otherhand is about getting smashed!

There are events tho, Gothika is playing on friday who I plan to see. Brack is running a panel and I’m gonna go pester him. There are also the usual industry panels  – I’ll certainly be on the lookout for any more ‘don’t copy that floppy‘ zealots. Otherwise, we have masquerades, AMV compo, skits, dealers and other stuffs.

I’ll get some photos, videos and of course, lots of cosplay shots!

The only things that irk me about cosplay is achieving accurate costume, I am OTT about fit, size, details and colours and then looking good. For me: it has to be done well. I even put on a few muscles and attempted (but failed) at visibly loosing weight; frankly, Neku is disgustingly skinny XD.

I have reservations about cosplaying myself, mostly because of bad cosplay and crossplay. I refuse to crossplay full stop. When boys cross-play it’s often terrifying – although I have seen some very good traps (and by good I mean bad -_-). Grudgingly when girl crossplays, they look better than the boys because they have clearer skin, apart from like 3 anime characters – those who have beards!

Of course crossplaying is more complex than this, as Hidoshi explains, but it’s not for me. I’ll still be taking lots of photos and we can play the trap/not trap game ^_^.

~ Teeif

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  1. *sigh* I was too skint for conning this year but I hope you have a great time (cosplay too? I’m impressed!)

    The alcohol factor isn’t something I’d thought about before but TBH there’s nothing quite like having a few pints with your friends and watching a preview screening or two. Certain shows actually require a state of drunkenness to appreciate fully…Dokuro-chan back in ’05 springs to mind!

  2. You know you want to crossdress too~

  3. I can’t wait for photos! There’s hardly anything big regarding anime over here …

  4. zomg, I’m lucky I’ve got a good 3 months til mine.

  5. Amecon?! Rawr, lucky. I went to the London Expo this year – which despite all the Star Wars stuff still manages to feel like a con aimed for (or at least conquered by) anime fans – but I’d LOVE to go to Amecon.

    Good Neku costume, too. P: How are you doing the hair?

  6. awww i want to do that cosplay in a fest but i have just 4 days left T-T

  7. WOW i wish i could do that im crap at sowing ect. could someonehelp me if u hav msn im
    swweet costume bro!

  8. im so curios how to make the costumes theyre AWESOME :D
    so yeh add me and plzz help

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