Posted by: Teeif | 27 November, 2007

Clannad; Sad girl show

I’m not watching alot of anime these days, this season is pretty dry afterall, I have managed to pick out one really, really special show.

Clannard is key/visaul art (Kanon, Air) + Kyoani (Haruhi, Lucky Star, Kanon 2006). With a track record like that I expected a crazy story, a ride with emotional turmoil, shocking plot twists accompanied by pretty Moe and a touching musical score (with opening by I’ve Sound).

I’m 8 episodes in and indeed it delivers! The Opening is quality however I can’t help but think of Icecap Zone whenever I hear the bassline XD. Notably the song is by Eufonius (Not I’ve Sound but good anyways, Eufonius appear to be inexperienced but quite promising).

The first few episodes is a mix of comedy and character intros with some hints of drama. Although the protagonist’s father is an alcoholic that’s the least of his problems, girls with issues (Moe pre-requisite nowadays :() soon appear, including a shy girl with no friends, her name is Fuko. Soon the series turns it’s focus onto the story of this girl since the protagonist is a mong with nothing better to but help the damsel.

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