Posted by: Teeif | 15 January, 2008

Gunslinger girl and what is wrong with it

in reality it is a secret agency, whose mission it is to covertly exterminate any force that opposes the government.” – Triela on Special Ops.

hmmm terrorists? But also political dissent, opposition parties, worker’s unions, I know Italy is corrupt but using little girls to prop up a regime is naughty.

Gunslinger girl – Il Teatrino Episode 1

gsg2 Henriettagsg2 city scape

The half hour of watching this show left me feeling aghast, followed by an empty feeling of sorrow like if my favourite auntie who would always give me money, just moved abroad and hence leaving me out of pocket. Gunslinger girl is broken and I wish it wasn’t. You see, they outsourced the second series of gunslinger girl and it doesn’t seem that they were too picky because they gave it a bunch of monkeys along with a shoestring budget as a parting gift.

Among the aspects that an anime is made up of, sound, music, art, animation, voice, plot and pacing, I felt there was only one thing that didn’t offend my senses and that was Henrietta. 😛 Gunslinger girl was rubbish, there was something wrong with all the aspects that make up the anime.

Poor Animation is probably a symptom of limited budget, they cut corners so much, they could turn a square into a circle. The mob scene was the prime offender and the only demonstration going on was how to kill atmosphere in a anime. When a camera twirl/pan and billowing smoke counts as animation of an angry mob, your scene is in trouble. Consequently, that mob felt about as lively and threatening as a quadriplegic behind bars.

These screenshots show exactly what I mean when I say the art has no sense of scale or realism. Just look at those toy cars and frosted lenses, a quality reminiscent of generic hareem anime and their bath scenes XD! I did however like the depictions of Rome’s cityscape.

gsg2 exhibit A scalegsg2 exhibit B scale

I was also disappointed that the music from the last series (dramatic, operatic background music carried by piano, string and vocal choir ) was replaced by flat electronic synthesizers. Hopefully the music will improve, Kō Ōtani has a good CV and I don’t want him to disappoint. On the otherhand, the sound was underwhelming. The guns sound plasticky, the seiyuu belong in a hareem game and the crowd SFX was too quiet.

Actually the storyline is the only thing I’m willing to forgive as this is still gunslinger girls, killer lolis with psychiatric problems, I still love them. There are some nice touches, such as Henrietta’s relationship with her minder, Jose. She seems to have developed a deep love for him. She was jealous when she thought he bought another girl a present, snuck into Jose’s room to smell his clothes and almost reacted violently to Jose’s injury. That’s obsessive behaviour, perhaps it’ll get dangerous, I’m intrigued!

I’ve been here before, this reminds me of 100+ episodes of terrible Naruto filler. It’s laborious but I am compelled to keep watching.


  1. Henrietta…
    I prefer Triela to Henrietta anytime. My reasons? Triela would be a better girlfriend (girl the friend in my case) as she has cool combat moves, does dishes, juggles knives and doesn’t do the “you break my stuff, hence, I’m ignoring you” trick to her comrades.

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