Posted by: Teeif | 15 January, 2008

Naruto 40-41; The Heaven and Earth Bridge

Sai! Catch Sakura…” – Captain Yamoto as Sai left Sakura to fall.

Sai was a cunt, but now he is a traitorous cunt; if you’re not with us, you’re against us.

Naruto 40-41 (Special)
The time to fight has come!

Naruto 40 heaven and earthNaruto 40 Naruto novaNaruto 40 Bridge crumbles into nothingNaruto 40 Jinchuniki

When I see Naruto and Orrochimaru stand next to each other I expect it to be followed by fighting like a moth follows light. Unfortunate despite the producers having an hour in which to animate the two of them kick the shit out of each other, we are treated instead to a fantasy, ninja version of Dragonball Z. Having been squeezed out by flashbacks and the keyword events, there actually isn’t much to say about the fight so I’m gonna talk about the stupid bridge instead.

Now, I’m not an Civil Engineer but after seeing the heaven and earth bridge crumble, even I can tell that the director is an idiot! First of all, what the heck is the thing made of? Wood topped granite with concrete lattice? The design is farcical and the physics is wrong, wrong, wrong! Although I know Naruto isn’t anywhere near pretentious enough to have decent animation. I think the fact that I’ve noticed is a bad thing, this episode was just boring.

Oh yeah, I’ve got about 20 words left to comment on the fight and I damnedest am going to manage it!

Naruto bats Orrochimaru for 4, Orrochimaru walks back. Naruto blows up bridge and enemies. Naruto grows 4 tails. The end.


  1. Naruto is too cool 4 rules

    orochimaru just a damn bandit

    tats all….

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