Posted by: Teeif | 17 January, 2008

Naruto 42; Orochimaru v.s. Jinchuuriki

“Sara wo haruka kumo wa nagarete”– Naruto end theme.
The clouds drift across the distant sky.

Naruto Shipppuuden 42
Orochimaru v.s. Jinchuuriki
narujin vs orochinaru-bi vs orochi nuke

I haven’t read the Naruto manga, but I can imagine the producers milking Naru-bi v.s. Manson till it rivals the life left in the ecosystem of the Gobi desert. Unfortunately it looks like I’m gonna be writing battle analysis for quite a few posts to come. To gage the pace we’re going at, in the last episode one of the four tails took a whole hour to grow! I imagine nine will test my patience, which at the current rate will require an episode on the scale of a Sensei and Nimomiya-kun 10 hour special (with more repetition and less drama). Naruto battles are stretching longer and longer as it gets older.

The long awaited battle (I hate christmas breaks) turned out to be more like an comical slagging match rather than fight to the death, with orochimaru laugthing while employing phoenix down at least twice. I rather got the impression that Orochimaru is gaining more from the conflict, aside from the point where Orochimaru impales Naru-bi with that sharp tongue his. Throughout the match as Naru-bi loiters in the middle, Orochimaru got to test Naru-jin’s reaction, his defenses with San Ju Ranshoumon and even got a good attack in.

Don’t worry kids Sakura! Naruto’s gonna get up again. The ending is like the cliffhanger equivelent of a pavement step. Move on please.

I’m feeling reserved about the new ending song. The theme was madness! The producers have no idea what the x in “NarutoxSasuke” means do they? I can hear the Yaoi-fangirls screaming from here!


  1. amoooooooo a saske es el mejor y ademas deberian mostrar los nuevos capitulos bye

  2. […] was ‘pushed to the limit’ and ‘tried to make his escape’, when it was Narubi who was impaled by Orochimaru’s Sword/Tongue and members of Team Kakashi who were crippled at the end? Is […]

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