Posted by: Teeif | 19 January, 2008

Spice and Wolf 1; introductory fanservice

“Once upon a time in a village, an abundance of wheat would ripen and sway in the wind, and a wolf could be seen running through it.” – Narration at beginning of Spice and Wolf

Lawrence x chloeLawrence x horo

Spice and Wolf 1
– Wolf and best clothes.

I just watched Spice and Wolf, featuring lots of naked wolf-eared girl.

Right, that line has got half of you watching. The other half, including you gay men, maybe interested in the fictional setting of Japanese and English feudal culture. Perhaps the Japanese culture was unintended but the harvest festival includes blasphemous wolf god worship which isn’t part of English culture. At the time England was firmly under the thumb of the church and of course, there is no god than the one lord.

Still not watching? Ok there’s a Merchant, named Lawrence, who manages to reject his cute apprentice, Chloe, and naked reincarnated wolf god(dess), Horo the wise. Perhaps Lawrence will find love through YAOI? He probably isn’t going to find much luck falling in love with wolves or gods, luckily, the life-dominating church has plenty of all-male clergy.

Despite the sexual visualisation which must make the ‘anime is porn’ house de-ligh-ted, Spice and Wolf isn’t yet another galgame I’m blogging, it’s a light novel adaptation by Isuna Hasekura. In the past however, anime recreations of British locations been hit and miss, so I am quite pleased that the setting so far is plausible and realistic enough to be immersive.

Lawrence is a lucky boy, he gets a cuddly wolf and legions of anime fans watching over him on his long migration North. I’d recommended it to my friends, mam and gran, except there’s naked wolf-eared girls in it and I’d be embarrassed.

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