Posted by: Teeif | 20 January, 2008

Naruto 43; The useless awards edition

“You can repay me by killing one more Akatsuki” – Kabuto at 15:11

Considering how useless Sakura is, that debt is worth about as much as a mortgage for an igloo! XD

Naruto Shippuuden 43 (N263)
Sakura’s tears

Naruto 43 Sakura's TearsNaruto 43 the summoning of kyubi

If Sakura was a household appliance she’d be kept in the shed in between the petrol lawnmower and fireworks. Like the lawnmower and fireworks, Sakura would be a waste of space, perhaps except when I need a party trick. Worse, while in storage, they are a liability since keeping explosives and fuel next to each other isn’t the best of situations; keeping Sakura around when she can run into danger is equally poor.

For achievements in recklessly ignoring the enemy and attempting to hug a berserk four-tailed firefox, you deserve:


Quite what Sakura was thinking I don’t understand, but then again I never understood why she goes outside in pink clothes either? Perhaps Sakura’s Tears have surpassed Chuck Norris’ and can cure berserk. Common girl, you’re supposed to be a ninja. Kick ass and wear black!


  1. Pink clothes -.- wtf?She wears red clothes not pink and she isn’t useless.She has much fights vs sasori,kabuto,and dew other but not that long fights. She maybe doesn’t fight like Naruto,but she’s girl after all and don’t forget Kakashi,Tsunade,Sasori and even Tobi thinks she’s strong for example tobi: wow that girl got such brute strenght.She has healing abilities too.I am Hinata fan but Sakura is my fav after her and you can’t say she’s useless if you hate her,coz she’s not,she healed so many people when Pein attack Konoha.If she is so Hinata is uselss she has less fights

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