Posted by: Teeif | 23 January, 2008

True Tears 1; a cry in delight

‘… I gave up my tears, that’s why’ – Isuguie Noe at 22:07

True tears_ Noe
Nao smile

True Tears 1
My tears… I wanted to give them to you.
There have been some great accidental discoveries in the course of human history, Fleming discovered penicillin, Edison discovered the lightbulb and Hoffman discovered LSD. Well, ok maybe that last one wasn’t so great. These accidental discoveries were so important that they even invented a noun for them, Serendipity. My serendipity is Noe. Ok! So it’s not that great either and as much as it sounds like a synthetic designer drug, you don’t get comedowns after taking a dose.

I only saw this anime because Eufonius were performing the opening, I have enough doujin hareems on my watch list. Eufonius, despite sounding like it could be related to taking No-e, is the group behind the openings to Clannad, Kasimasi, Noein. I love their style of music composition. Riya’s beautifully smooth voice accompanies effective use of treble and bass. This opening, by the way, is a pleasent but rather average.

While the anime soundtrack is pretty solid so far, the art is VERY pretty. The old Japanese inn, colour saturation from autumn leaves and burning red sunsets provide awesome backdrops. Animation is good too, making efficient used of 3d, although a lot of things were hopelessly out of scale, full marks for effort.

True Tears is Yet Another Hareem Anime (YAHA! :P). Not that there is anything inherently negative about the genre, but character driven stories need strong character which I doubt is dreamed up by many hikkikomori in their mother’s loft. True Tears is also derived from a doujin game and by derive, I meant they took the name and got rid of the character’s, storyline, artstyle and music. Thus True Tears excels beyond most anime in the overcrowded hareem market. It does this through strong characters, because it has Noe and Noe is extremely cute!

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