Posted by: Teeif | 23 January, 2008

True Tears 2; The melencholy of Itsurugi Noe

‘Raigomaru flew out of his cage, but he does have a successor’ – Itsurugi Noe at 3:56
Would you wanna be Noe’s replacement Chicken?

True tears 2 Nao and Hiromiyou are nao's chicken

True Tears 2
What I want to do

There is a person in my class who I had the unfortunate burden of having to deal with. She didn’t have many friends, which is not surprising because she kept chasing them away. Rumers were abound in the common room of her interest in the occult and she was generally considered weird. She would be socially stigmatised, sometimes bullied and would spend most of her time alone.

It’s funny how anime can turn someone who is essentially outcast, anti-social and odd into someone so Moe. Shinchiro has to deal Naoisms where she’d act 7, make up nursary rhymes, curse him and embarrass him. I would say Noe has a mental problem. Apparently 1 in 4 of us suffer from mental problems! Within the cast of True Tears, Noe, Hiromi, Shinchiro, Aiko and Miyokichi, Noe has some sort of hyperactivity disorder and Hiromi probably  has the opposite. Of course this is a durama anime it’s quite safe to bet that they’re all mental.

Realistically, Noe should have a life like the girl in my fictional story, be outcast and ignored. No doubt, there will be some durama to Noe’s back story, perticularly the events where she lost her tears. When Noe could be annoying, I find it cute. I like her childish antics. She has a type of aura around her which makes men stupid. Noe’s unpredictability and bizarre personality is compulsive and addictive watching. She can forcefeed me chicken food and steal my tears any day. Maybe I am the one with the mental problem!


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