Posted by: Teeif | 23 January, 2008

True Tears 3; The melencholy of Itsurugi Noe 2

‘Any girl that falls in love with you is in trouble!’ – Ai-chan


True tears 3 schoolTrue tears 3 that way

True Tears 3
How did it turn out? That conversation you had

Chickens, collectively, have a terrible existence on earth. Intensively farmed broiler chicken, as featured in Hugh’s chicken run, are stuffed with chicken feed for 6 weeks then get slaughtered. While life doesn’t suck quite that bad for Noe’s replacement chicken, Shinchiro, I am beginning to wonder if someone is going to end up dead.

I don’t think Shinchiro isn’t having a lot of fun, or if he is, it’s psychological S&M fun. Noe is running the show and being Noe, is just plain weird. Actually, Noe is being manipulative and condescending with Shinchiro seemingly happy to follow like a dumb sheep chicken. Of course, Noe is allowed to do this, she’s moe and very skilled at cock teasing.

Hiromi, on the other hand, has caused a dramatic cliffhanger by saying that she likes someone else who is not Shinchiro (He does have a name but that will never be important). Romantic drama anime without triangles are unheard of and I expect Hiromi will be back in the race.

I am quite torn between which of the girls Shinchiro should end up with. Nao is so weird that I she could turn yandere at any point. That would be bad, but very interesting.

On a side note, Shinchiro’s Mother has a disgusting attitude. She hates Hiromi for some reason. She sent Hiromi of an errand at night where she could’ve be mugged, raped and killed, for that, she deserves a trip on a Niceboat.



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