Posted by: Teeif | 27 January, 2008

Naruto 44: Naruto’s a ditz!

‘It’s always like this, the things I can do for Naruto are always small and insignificant’ – Sakura, sorry about your breasts being small!! XD

Naruto 264 Sakura healing NarutoNaruto 264 Sai under the knife

Naruto Shippuuden 44
The Truth about the fight

I have only ever suffered memory loss from drinking alcohol just once. You wake up the next day and you can’t remember much. Recollection slowly comes back in patches as your brain finds only a few memories that have been formed correctly and are retrievable. When Naruto woke up from his Jinchuriki/Kyuubi rage it was almost like waking up after a drunken night out. He got in a fight, found new wounds that weren’t there before and woke up in bed with Sakura.

Like drinking alcohol till you black out, getting mad till you don’t remember anything can’t be good for your health. Blackouts are indicative of either a chemical inhibitor preventing the proper functioning of his brain or a split personality. How many times can Naruto keep treating himself like this before his body gets damaged and he has to do his ninja-ing while attached to a dilation machine?
Meanwhile, Sai has a considerately worse trip out. He’s gonna wake up in the morning having followed a pale, long haired man and his geeky looking companion all the way home. The preview for the next episode suggests that Sai is going to die, a fate fitting for cunts but it feels like his character was deliberately set up for the fall. I feel a little cheated.


  1. actually this episode moved at a normal pace than the rest and it followed the manga, except for the lame-o flashbacks

  2. lol, you should totally start reading the manga 😉

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