Posted by: Teeif | 29 January, 2008

True Tears 4; thicken plot and bring to boil, Voila! Spidermonkey.

“Worthless tears, gutter tears, slime tears, puke tears… I’ll clean those tears for you” – Noe (10:38), even though Noe didn’t mean it metaphorically, I appreciate the thought. 🙂

True Tears 4- swimmingTrue Tears 4- Shinchiro shopping

True Tears 4
Hai, pachi pachi tsuteshite

I refuse to write the translation for this title as its cultural differences might make some heads explode. If you catch someone with Nao’s behavioural problems say “hai, pachi pachi tsuteshite” to you, run, because she’s going to do this.

True Tears is unravelling into a engrossing drama. The cast is comprised of so many interesting, cute and attractive characters that it’s hard to pick out winners and losers. Since the characters in True Tears avoid straightforward, requented, equal and appropriate relationships like it’s taboo, there will be losers.

Unfortunately my attempt to draw these relationships is restricted by the complexity of chaos quantum string theory logic that most drama anime goes by, and my inability to draw.

The eventual coupling may turn out somewhere along the lines of:
Shinchiro x Itsurugi Noe,
Hiromi x Itsurugi Yuuki, and
Miyokichi Nobuse x Aiko.

True Tears 4- Hiromi smiling like a flowerTrue Tears 4- coupling

But that would make True Tears a happy, straightforward drama anime wouldn’t it? Even Miyazaki would cry at that outcome. Ai-chan had accepted Nobuse despite her advances towards Shinchiro, now, that’s gotta end in tears and it won’t be the godfather‘s tears. It could be a move to make Shinchiro jealous, too bad for her, a brick is more receptive to girly love hints than Shinchiro.



  1. if jun is blood-related to noe and has feelings for her it’d sure make this anime a hell lot more interesting, although im praying that he’s somewhat not blood-related and she just got adopted or sumthing

  2. maybe he wanted to somehow stop himself from fantasizing about his sister? lol plus he might really like shinichirou to ask him to go out with noe, or probably because he realizes that noe likes shin a lot …. or maybe noe really doesn’t … cos she did say she would get him closer to hiromi

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