Posted by: Teeif | 1 February, 2008

Spice and Wolf 4: A godly occupation wreaks havok on one’s lovelife

“We have the Wolf. The church doors have already opened, for the wolf not to enter your house, shut the door together with your family.”– Letter (21:00, BSS Fansubs), Horo is a hostage, but diplomacy is so often lost in translation…

Spice and wolf 4- horo red eyesSpice and wolf 4- running

Spice and Wolf 4
Wolf and Helpless Partner

Dear Agony Aunt…

Just what is a cute, fluffy, adolescent female reincarnation of a goddess supposed to do? It seems masses of men and women have been scampering from the mere sight of my nakedness and I can’t make any relationships apart from the occasional one with the village idiot…

Oh nooooo! Horo’s feeling lonley, but her personal problem has got me wondering, did Jebus, Hammad or Mosey feel lonley? Sure, they had followers but so did the pied piper! Followers aren’t necessarily friends since one day, a snidy one named Judas, could sneakily ninjitsu your ass and hand you over to your enemies. How about partners then? Well, the results are good. 2 out of 3 holy prophets managed to get married and have kids. Heck! Hammad managed to attract 13 wives!

Horo shouldn’t have a problem finding company, at least her tail wouldn’t be mistaken for a really hairy bottom and I know there are loads of girls who would go gay for a chance to stroke it. Meanwhile Lawrence clumsily shoots down the odds of him turning gay by blurting out that he would like to settle down, open a shop and find a wife; upsetting Horo since he doesn’t think of Horo as a wife and he does not want to travel north, nice one peddle boy!

On the whole though, he deserves a fairytail ending since he is a good person for reporting the silver short selling scam to the authorities. Whether it is with Horo or Chloe, and whether Horo finds one of the other hobbits wolves, Yueh, Intii, Poro or Miyori shall be interesting.

~ Teeif.

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