Posted by: Teeif | 4 February, 2008

True Tears 5: Hiromi’s Heart is confusing!

If you eat fake foods, you’d end up telling more and more lies” – Itsurugi Noe (12:28) Well, you are what you eat and in your case, Noe, you’ve been drinking far too much Mountain Dew.

True Tears 5- Noe and shinTrue Tears 5- Hiromi and shin

True Tears 5
Meddling guys are but idiots

The sequence where the same scene was repeated from Shinchiro’s perspective and then again from Hiromi’s perspective was excellent, once I stopped fumbling with the rewind and fast forward button that is. While I have no qualms about art or creativity in my anime I didn’t like the feeling of déjavu. It was especially compounded by the fact that there was actually little difference between what the two of them thought and then said, albeit we did learn that Hiromi took offence in Shinchiro meddling in her lovelife.

I appreciate Hiromi’s feelings of privacy because the two of them are not that close. Yet I don’t quite get exactly what Hiromi is thinking here, I may have missed something cultural about the sanctity of a Japanese girl’s room (what sanctity?), but I don’t understand why she’s got so hung up about “you came in here to tell me that“. Since Hiromi is being indecisive herself, surely it’s unfair to expect Shinchiro to go into her room, confess and go out like they’ve been engaged since they were children.

On the flip side, there’s always the chance that arty scenes are over analysed. This episode wasn’t as well animated as the last one, there was less movement, the camera angles were basic and Ai-chan at the end ran like an autistic Ostrich. Maybe the staff had an ‘off’ day. I reserve my intuition that in fact, all this was because the animation staff cut corners so they can take a half-day and bugger off to Akihabara for the rest of the afternoon.

~ Teeif


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