Posted by: Teeif | 7 February, 2008

Not a belated Happy New Year!

fruits year of rat

Happy Chinese New Year everyone!

It’s the year of the RAT, that’s my year, I’m supposed to be luckier right?

New years means it’s time to clean the house, resolve disputes and start afresh, and really, it does matter. The Chinese are pervasively superstitious and the Japanese only slightly less so. If you were to enter a lift in Hong Kong, you won’t find the buttons for floor 13 or 4, 14, 44, and floor 7 commands a higher price than floor 10. If you were to enter a lift in Tokyo, again floor 4 is often missing and there most likely won’t be a floor 13 because that building would fall over in the next overdue Kanto earthquake. Floor 4 is unlucky because it sounds like ‘die’ and floor 7 is lucky because it’s magic, and not because it’s the most reoccurant number with the roll of 2 dice for gambling obsessed orientals.

While it’s completely unpractical to avoid unlucky numbers. Imagine my frustration when waiting to download the latest fansub for Spice and Wolf. I left my monitor with the readout saying 13 minutes to go and then after spending a not so brief period of time over the shitter reading a copy of the times, I return only to see the counter is still on 13! When I actually get to watch the episode, 13 pops up again exactly 4 minutes in. This must be bad luck!

However, I am far from superstitious, mostly because I don’t actually remember what is lucky and what isn’t. When I work out the Feng Shui of my bedroom I reach the conclusion that the safest position to sleep in (weather facing south, away from the bathroom etc.), is to sleep upright! But I guess I could at least try to avoid unlucky things. A good start would be to make fewer jokes about disabled children and stop worshipping false gods like Horo.

Good luck this year!

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