Posted by: Teeif | 11 February, 2008

True Tears 6: and another spoiler…

“After the young girl left, a small puddle was left behind where she was.” – Shinchiro (21:40).

What is this? A cartoon? 😛

True Tears 6 - Shin and hiromiTrue Tears 6 - Noe and Jun

True Tears 6
What kind of joke is that?

I hope you guys know my spoiler policy. It’s quite obvious; there isn’t one. This is because by the time I get fansubs, I expect anime fandom to have made a song and dance about all it’s glorious details, though I point no fingers at any specific image boards nor torrent hosts. Not especially 4-chan, though that can be blamed for most of my ills.

*Spoiler Alert* Shinchiro could be Hiromi’s brother.

I thought revelations like this were supposed to be saved for dramatic interruptions by long dead relatives at shotgun weddings. The frostiness between Shin x Hiromi made it no fun. However it won’t be the end of that relationship. Although the evidence for some sort of affair taking place as a reason for Shinchiro’s mum being spiteful is there, there is no evidence that Hiromi is a child of Shinchiro’s Dad. I have an inkling that it might be a lie. Shinchiro’s mum was surprised that Hiromi remembered, as if she wished she didn’t tell Hiromi.

With this weeks unspoiler, the odds on a Shin x Hiromi ending versus Shin x Noe are now just too close to call. Just look at the figures: 6 participants, 4 in one school, 3 unhappy relationships, 2 Siscons and 1 partridge in a pear tree (Ok, that’s a bird in a persimmon tree).

I think I know what it feels like to be Jun, I wish Noe all the best and it’s better if she gets an ending with undeserving potential cheater, Shinchiro than with nobody. Jun himself doesn’t count as an ending, he is probably gay and lets not think of the double pseudo-siscon ending!

Nevertheless, I am less supportive of a Shin x Noe ending now because, despairingly, Noe is starting to really annoying me. Noe is being a bit a clingy, juvenile and vague. In fact all the current dating couple’s fannying about is aggravating, especially Aiko x Nobuse but I think that’s finally over. I suppose this is where True Tears ups the realism and rises above most hareem drama. No one really ends up with their dream partners. And sometimes it takes time to sort out whom we lust from whom we love, besides, we can’t all be married to Orlando Bloom or Avril Lavigne.

~ Teeif


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