Posted by: Teeif | 17 February, 2008

Naruto 47: Orochimaru, evil genius: FAIL.

“I only have one brother. And all I care about is killing him” – Sasuke.

I’m not hearing much Yaoi love here!!! 😛

Naruto 47- ShariganNaruto 47- sneak

Naruto 47
Infiltration! ~The Venomous snake’s nest.

This week Naruto and co infiltrate the hideout of Orochumaru because, well, it’s easy! Plus they ARE ninjas and most of their ninjutsu should be sneaking about. They don’t of course, and seemed to have left actual ninjaring out of the Konoha training manual but no matter because Orochimaru’s base is laughtably easy to penetrate.

Orochimaru is a disgrace to the Society of Evil Genius. His takes dissent from his star Henchmen (Sasuke) who demands ‘training’ all the time. There were no other henchmen and not a trap in sight, not even a magikarp with a frickin laser beam strapped to it’s head. My granny could ninjutsu her way into this Orochimaru’s hideout, although Naruto might struggle to sneak in on his own.

So when Sakura and co. finnaly catch up with my granny,  next episode, I wonder how she expects to ‘rescue’ Sasuke on their own. Sasuke looks a lot harder and frankly, a lot cooler! I was impressed by the Sharingan (Yes, I had to check the spelling for that!), in a trippy, meleancholic mood I might actually enjoy it! Hmm… maybe in a trippy mood I might actually enjoy the terrible Opening and Ending themes, imagine that?


  1. Eh, this episode wasn’t very good. I think the manga is much more exciting. Oh yeah, and Sasuke did look so damn hot in that episode. D:

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