Posted by: Teeif | 17 February, 2008

Spice and Wolf 6: Horo gets naked again, sort of.

If we hand her over… we can abolish the tariff, our village will gain massive profit from the wheat.” – Chloe (8:20)

Unethical, greedy, underhanded capitalism at it’s best. Well done Chloe! 😀

Spice and Wolf 6 - Horo shockSpice and Wolf 6 - Hororarr

Spice and Wolf 6
Wolf and silent farewell

When I saw Horo and Lawrence disappear in to the occlumb of a sewer last episode I thought, that was it, onwards upwards and onwards north. Yet here again we are force to endure the dreamlike, blurry darkness of sewers like another episode of Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles. And again like the last episode, Horo and Lawrence are running around a quasi-dungeon dry sewer, seemingly built to large enough to cope with biblical floods.

Yet it seems requisite that a secluded setting of a dungeon that, by the way, wouldn’t be amiss in a game like Diablo for the events of this episode. It’s not just the anticlimatic Stabbing or Horo and Lawrence’s ability to flirt despite the mob of church thugs on their backs, the occlumb, is used for Horo’s next trick: a dabbling in Vampirism. With a suck of Lawence’s blood, Horo majestically transforms into a 12ft incarnation of wolf godlyness. Horo’s aura of grace and power was hauntingly reminiscent of Princess Mononoke’s Moro. As the apex and raison d’ete for another episode of sewer running, this scene was well worth it. It was exciting and well executed; simply defining. Also, Horo was Naked again!! 😛

I do hope we shall get a change of scenery next episode; Horo and Lawrence are at least set up with horse, apple-loaded cart and a cute new outfit. In fact, when they leave town, they should leave all the badly bullshitted economics behind as well.

~ Teeif

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