Posted by: Teeif | 20 February, 2008

True Tears 7: The race for Shinchiro’s thing

 “Since a while ago, many parts of my body have become hot… What should I do oni-chan” – Noe (14:46)

Your Choices:
A -> Give advice
B -> Ignore Noe
C -> Hug your little sister
D -> Put it in

True_Tears 7 ShinchiroTrue_Tears 7 Noe

True_Tears 7 HiromiTrue_Tears 7 Aiko

True Tears 7
Say it clearly, write it down here

We are now into episode 7 of the 12 episode race for the Heart of Shinchiro and with just 5 episodes remaining, Noe is in pole position to take the win. Lets have a roundup of the racing field.

In 3rd place is Hiromi who was hot favourite for the first third of the series crashes down behind her main rivals with just Gayboy Jun as the outsider behind her. Hiromi had a miserable time over the last couple of episodes losing a catfight with Noe and then letting Aiko steal second place in the dramatic finale to this episode. Can she possibly recover? Can she overcome her technical difficulties if, of course, being related to Shinchiro is a simple technical matter?

Pouncing into second place with her new-found confidence is Aiko. Following her hot manoeuvres (Sneak Attack Kiss!) she overtakes Hiromi and is now threatening the lead. Like a wildcat, this deceptive girl only shows her claws when backed into a tight spot. Has she got what it takes to become a lioness or will she end up as a tearful tabby?

Finally in pole position is the little rookie, Noe. She tentatively inches ever closer to Shinchiro’s heart. Noe could yet lose due to her naivety unless she learns fast or she gains some wisdom from her brother Jun (er… not Sekai style, that would just be illegal). But while she may just be cute, her metaphors and rhetoric have meaning that could give her a decisive advantage. However her indecision could cost her dearly if she does not capitalise on the lead she has at the moment.

I can’t wait for the conclusion to this epic drama! 😀


  1. I don’t think I’ll ever truly understand why everyone is so in love with Shinchiro, but I still enjoy the fight. I hope Noe ends up with him in the end ^_^ These series seems to be just getting better and better, can’t wait to see how it ends.

  2. noe was so damn cute in this episode!

  3. […] Noe might have had a chance to snatch Shinchiro away when she first went out with him in episode 7/8, but she was too […]

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