Posted by: Teeif | 28 February, 2008

Spice and Wolf 8 – skipping filler to get more filler

Spice and Wolf 8- horo tailSpice and Wolf 8- Sheppard girl

Spice and wolf 8
Wolf and Unbalanced Scales

While the business end of this episode featured yet another rather unplausible trading scam, involving serving alcohol disguised as water? (How did someone expect to get away with that?) Nevertheless, this isn’t the only scam going around. What happened to episode 7?

After a quick hunt around the forums, apparently it’s being sneekily saved for DVD. I can only think of two reasons for this, more nudity than a Galgame imitation of a Swedish nude camp or/and extending the Japanese animation publisher’s profit. Although I suspect that episode 7 will have little impact on the story, making it the ham and cheese of our anime sandwich, it will be missed. That means the DVD will sell, very well. Generally, RPG fuelled, WOW fed, anime fans are among the most obsessive of completionists.

Back to this episode and I have got to say that there wasn’t alot going on. In this episode we find Horo being self-centred, obsessive and playful. She loves beer and honey covered pears, and lavishes attention on her bushy tail. But I think we already knew that. This episode really could be cut down to two events; Horo and Lawrence decide to goto town, Horo and Lawrence meet Sheppard girl. Ah yes, another sneeky little trick is the appearance of the Sheppard girl. She was in from the start… but did you notice?

Even though jealous is an understatement to describe the value in Horo’s expression, Horo is suspicious of this girl and I agree with her to that extent. How would you feel if you came across a cute, adolescent, golden, and most importantly, unraped, sheppard girl in the middle of Bandit country? I cry witch!

~ Teeif

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