Posted by: Teeif | 29 February, 2008

Naruto 48: there’s a wormhole in that crappy 3D CG hideout!

“I don’t mind who my enemy is. If I lose my arms, I’ll kick him down. If I lose my legs, I’ll bite him. If I lose my head, I’ll stare him to death. If I lose my eyes, I’ll curse him to death.” – Naruto (19:25).

If I can’t curse, I’ll stupefy him to death with my stupid wit!  -_-”

Naruto 48 - panshotNaruto 48 - panshot2

Naruto Shippuuden 48

Being stuck in the 4 walls of a windowless room for any amount of time is enough to drive the coldest of people crazy. Being stuck in that one room for 15 minutes of this episode, staring at severe functional psychosis inducing faux brick pattern of the 3D wallpaper, nearly tipped me over the edge. Although I don’t expect any Terence Conran here, after all we are stuck in the base of a megalomaniac bad guy, this is a really bad attempt at 3D backgrounds (especially the scale, that changes every scene!). And yet, I can’t help but congratulate the director with another excellent lesson in cost cutting animé.

Another excellent example from the grandmaster of cheap was the animation. Was there actually any animation in this scene? I felt like it was just a pan scan of two giant images with flashbacks interspersed between them. They could do this because not alot really happened in this episode either!

Testament to the content this episode, I don’t think it would have been out of place if Sakura produced a big red book instead of Sai’s comic, and said: ‘Sai, this is your life.‘ Except Sai isn’t even his name! So, Sai is Danzou’s tool, brainwashed in Kirigakure and is now employed as a doubleagent. I think, given Sai is attempting something as dangerous as this, like other guests on this is your life, Sai is near the end of his.

Meanwhile Kabuto finally gets to Sai’s room to find it empty. It took him like 15 minuites to get to that room, a time long enougth for Naruto and co to bore me to insanity. Must’ve been a temporal wormhole in the corridor or something! XD

~ Teeif


  1. i thought this episode sucked as well but i guess when i read this part in the manga it was quite interesting in a way

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