Posted by: Teeif | 3 March, 2008

True Tears 8: cute and tortured couples.

 “The first time Raigomaru dreamt of flying was on the day after the night of the great wind. It was on a fine afternoon, with a gentle breeze blowing.The great wind yesterday caused much damage and destruction. A great many branches bearing leaves and food fell to the ground. Because of that, even the bugs that were once difficult to locate were easily found all over the place.

Raigomaru went to sleep dreaming about the day of his maiden flight. He spent many days training to fly since that day. He stood firm and faced the great billowing winds. Tomorrow is finally the day that he will fly.

When he woke in the morning, he heard a crowing. That sound was Jibeta, who was busy pecking at the many seeds which fell to the ground. Raigomaru decided not to pursue the fact that it was his share of the food because there was much food elsewhere to be found. Raigomaru climbed the embankment in the backyard. It was a steep embankment rising 10 metres from the ground. From that vantage point the ground looked like the bowels of the earth. Now is the time to take flight!”  – Raigomaru’s Story.

A analogy for Shinchiro perhaps?

True Tears 8- Smelly hoodieTrue Tears 8- Girly coat

True Tears 8
A town where it doesn’t snow

The town where it doesn’t snow isn’t, of course, referring to the town that true tears is set in, where the snow is beautifully rendered, it means anywhere but there. This episode really wasn’t about Noe or Shinchiro or even Aiko. It was about Hiromi and what she feels inside. Hiromi metaphorically hates snow and is seen riding off with Jun by the end of this episode. Personally I think Hiromi and siscon, Jun (even Hiromi thinks so, haha) will end up in a love hotel together, envy and out of desperation since their relations with their respective siblings is going so badly.

The principle couple, Shinchiro and Noe, are cutely steaming along on calm waters. Noe is really cute because she is so naive and Shinchiro it trying really hard with his picture book, bless him. I really thought they were going to kiss when Noe held Shinchiro’s face, but I guess it’s still too early. As heartwarming and endearing that watching this young couple get along is, this animé still has 5 episodes left and can’t help but think, for the sake of Du-ra-ma, the seas are going to get choppy or perhaps, a Nice Boat will appear.

Noe x Shinchiro, inevitably, means that Shinchiro blew off Aiko and for once osananajimi (Childhood friend) moe fails. I can’t say I wanted Aiko to win anyway because I dislike her for leading on Nobuse. Hiromi still has a chance though, what she does or does not do next episode will have consequences, will she do the right thing?

Apologies for absolutely dismal promptness for this post, I was attempting to inject a little entertainment and humour into this post but evidently managed niether. It’s like writer’s block for bloggers, call it funny block for comedians. This ended up quite a serious post but this episode was not less entertaining and just as good as the rest in the series.

~ Teeif


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