Posted by: Teeif | 5 March, 2008

True Tears 9: why did the rabbit cross the road?

“He’s afraid to accept the fact that he’s just an ordinary chicken.” – Shinchiro (17:14)
Cheer up Shichiro, Aiko will happily accept chicken, yum, yum …

True Tears 9- Noe and shinchiro 2True Tears 9- Time to fly

True Tears 9
Can’t seem to fly

Hiromi was remarkably calm considering she nearly got painted on the wrong side of the road. And that was as close as she and Jun got to becoming ‘one’ all night. So, I was wrong there, I saw a little flesh in the preview and thought there’d be a sex scene. Hey, men are like this. I am though, wondering what they are going to do with this strip scene once True Tears gets a western release? The anorexia groups are going to eat a cow when they see it (Hiromi topless.). Oh wait, they’ll assume girls don’t watch animé, crisis over :P.

Hiromi and badboy Jun got suspended for two weeks for their accident, it brought shame and dishonour to them, or something. I think was rather harsh. If it wasn’t a posh Japanese school but rather, an English City Comprehensive, you’d get flowers and a pat on the back for surviving, not punishment. The rules are so lax that you’d only get two weeks suspension, if you were unlucky, when you beat up half a class with a baseball bat.

With Jun now out of the picture, Hiromi seems to have got Cruella de’ville Shinchio’s mother to undress her now. That’s great, she warmed up to Hiromi, bit of a shame it took the stress of Hiromi being kidnapped, raped, killed or dissected to bring these lovely feelings to her. Nevertheless, Shinchiro’s mother gives up her obvious lie. I still think Shinchiro’s mother still has a lot more to do, than buying ice cream, before she atones for her cold attitude earlier on. An explanation would be a start, I am quite curious just what kind of affair Shinchiro’s and Hiromi’s parents have had.

Shichiro overhears his mother’s confession and that seems to have reawakened his feelings for Hiromi  (as if being related ever stopped the Japanese thinking about getting married). I’d say Shinchiro’s pretty  confused. With Aiko out of the contest; she didn’t even make an appearence, it’s between Hiromi and Noe.

I cried out loud when Noe broke up with Shinchiro. She was in the lead and now it’s all a mess. Why did she do that? Silly girl. It was such a whimsical decision, possibly naive, her insecurity and poor self-esteem pre-empted her true feelings. So Shinchiro fought for Hiromi and is indecisive, perhaps a little dim. Noe then gets all emotional and breaks up in defeat. Her real feelings, that Shinchiro is the one she loves, they are worth fighting for but she doesn’t know it yet. Noe just frustrates me now, she was getting along fine and then she gives that tragic, maternal look, before running off to be emo.


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  2. […] to Hiromi while she was confined to Hospital with a fractured leg, she probably lost back in episode 9 when the incest lie unravelled. In hindsight there really isn’t much Noe could have done. […]

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