Posted by: Teeif | 7 March, 2008

Spice and Wolf 9: Wolf v.s. shepherd girl.

“Wolves are hard to deal with…” Lawrence (8:59)
Whatever you do, don’t say this next to Horo! 😀

Spice and Wolf 9 - NooraSpice and Wolf 9 - town of

Spice and Wolf 9

Wolf and Shepherd’s lambs

If I wanted protection from being ravaged by wolves in the German Black Forest, a little blond girl would be down near the bottom of my list, right next to a rubber chicken and a plastic lightsabre. Although I would not normally doubt the wolf repelling abilities of Shepherds in most cases, after all it is an occupational hazard, but Noora has little more to protect herself beyond a stick, a scrawny puppy and her cloned sheep. I once had a friend tell me that if you punch a sheep on the nose it doesn’t do anything; they are pretty stupid herd animals. So it’s not the clones, it’s not the dog, it must be Noora herself. Indeed Horo’s gives her a seal of approval that she is indeed up to the task, thus confirming there is something mysterious about Noora.

There is little wonder then, that Noora is avoided in town like a funny smell in the air. Yeah, we’re back in town and since the directors appear to have failed to keep this anime away from civilisation, the statues make an ugly return. The church also makes a return, having deep involvement in Noora’s affairs. Funny, how the ever auspicious church priests have rescued yet another vulnerable little girl (-_-). Nevertheless, this could soon translate into trouble for the unholy wolf-god and merchant.

For the time being, Lawrence seems content to have Noora on as a ‘future business opportunity’ (A backup when Horo disappears and Chloe turns sour). He may need it, while the relationship between man and wolf-god was warm and light hearted this episode, I can’t see them getting any closer. Nor should they.

Horo is a better character for being emotionally elusive and difficult to read; a refreshing break from the typical moe of other series. Somewhat, ironically, Horo is more realistically human then many other depictions of characters this season (namely Clannad). A drunk Horo, was a delightful Horo, lets have more of that, please. 🙂

~ Teeif


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