Posted by: Teeif | 8 March, 2008

Naruto Shippuuden 49: On Sale now! Dr Kabuto Insecticide

“It doesn’t look like you’ve betrayed us, so I’ll trust you for now.” – Kabuto (7:21) to Sai
Never trust a man who has the skin tone of a Albanian albino.

Naruto 49 - minnaNaruto 49 - Dr Kabuto Insecticide

Naruto Shippuuden 49
Something Important

I really enjoyed that surprisingly dramatic orchestral opening but then Naruto got back to normal – the usual opening and it’s howling Engrish. It’s a shame the opening is so grindingly bad because it perforated what turned out to be a thrilling fight scene. Kabuto, who henceforth shall be know as Dr Insecticide because he is remarkably good at getting rid of giant honey bees, jumped woody and friends.

A short fight ensues the captive Sai gets rescued. As Dr Insecticide found himself outnumbered 2:1 (Sakura doesn’t count because she’s useless), he released Sai who promptly doublecrossed his savour.

Since Sai has a history of being a doubleagent, doublecrosser and general deception, I wouldn’t trust him again, not least because I can’t work out his sexual orientation nevermind his motives. Yet, it took 30 seconds of soppy self-reflection and something about his brother, then Sai is welcomed back into the family.

Next week, Naruto is back, trapped in the patterned never ending 3D corridors of  Sasuke flashbacks. What a nightmare.


  1. I love the manga much more. Seriously.
    I can’t wait till Sasuke comes in!

  2. you mean “outnumbered (er..) 1:1”?

    naruto’s equally useless pre and post timeskip. his taijutsu against kabuto: epic fail.

  3. Actually scratch that, the recent chapter sucks too. xD

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