Posted by: Teeif | 14 March, 2008

True Tears 10: Hiromi has True Tears?

 “There’s no such thing as curses, If there was I would…” – Noe (13:55)
– Oh no, poor Noe. There is no GOD!

True Tears 10 ShinchiroTrue Tears 10 Hiromi

True Tears 10
I’ll do everything properly

We got some tears but they weren’t Noe’s (unfortunately) they were Hiromi’s. Tears she cried in joy, in relief, in sadness of lost opportunities. Are these true tears?

Hiromi and Jun are suspended from school, so for this episode they are caught spray painting “Wasser” all over their neighbourhood stuck at home doing chores and homework. If only real life delinquents were this keen or well behaved.

After two break ups, the pack is shuffled and it’s likely that we end up with only two matching cards. Aiko broke up with Nobuse and Hiromi broke up with Jun, despite both of the boys saying ‘no‘, but it’s not like their opinions count – this is not a democracy. Jun took it well, meaning that there wasn’t much in Hiromi x Jun. Nobuse Miyokichi, on the otherhand, is devastated and ran off to Noe asking for the loveless curse. This is the first intimate scene ever between Nobuse and Noe, both of whom are on the rebound. OMG! No. I will send hate mail if this animé ends with any hint of Nobuse x Noe.  😮

Midway through, in the village hall, Noe and Aiko are watching Shinchiro’s so-called dance (if you call Tai-chi out of time with drums, a dance.). While that wasn’t visually appealing, I really enjoyed Aiko’s Hinano Sakura moment but I found Noe’s walrus clap rather odd, kinda embarrassing. Now that both girls have pretty much given up on Shinchiro, there is not much for them to do then make fools out of themselves, I guess.

The last 10 minutes were inevitably dedicated to scenes of Shichiro and Hiromi. When Hiromi decides to move out, Shichiro to dwells on his feelings until Hiromi is actually in a truck, driving off. So begins a faux modern adaptation to the classic departing train love scene, only with vans and a bike. It’s fake because Shichiro somehow catches up with a van peddling a bike and then, luckily, is spotted splatting himself into the pavement by Hiromi. Nevertheless the cheesy love scene proceeds – properly done for an animé. The stereotypical amnesiac male confesses his love to his stereotypical childhood friend, sterotypically only at the last minute just before she is spirited away.

After the revelations last episode, Hiromi x Shinchiro, kissing, going out, having babies and all that lot isn’t naughty anymore. Personally, I think the lack of siscon kinda takes all the excitement out of that relationship. I am still rooting for Noe x Shinchiro. Yes, I am deluded.

~ Teeif


  1. Noe hasn’t been happy lately …

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