Posted by: Teeif | 19 March, 2008

True Tears 11: The melancholy of Itsuragi Noe 3

You don’t care about anyone but her, why can’t you understand that?” – Hiromi to Jun (16:55)
– Jun loves Noe, but will there really be a Siscon ending?

True Tears 11 - hiromi x shinchiro kissTrue Tears 11 - Seeing Noe on the shore

True Tears 11
I’m not the person you like.

This episode was mostly about Hiromi who has moved into a typically Japanese one-bedroom, three-roomed apartment box which is marginally bigger than a hamster cage. She has Shinchiro around and they are acting very couple-like, even kissing.

It can’t have been long after the previous episode but things appear have changed alot, especially Hiromi herself. As if to signify this fact, Hiromi states her delight when it begins to snow and runs off to the nearby beach. She had previously expressed that snow reminded her of bad memories. This change is visibly shown as well, because Hiromi has suddenly become, in my opinion, the sexiest meganeko since Witch Hunter Robin.

While I dislike giving the blogger’s equivalent of a fellatio to each and every person working at P.A Works but this anime is stunning! This is even more apparent in this episode. Sometimes it is worth pausing simply to admire the art. The attention to detail has continued to amaze me, the light of mobile phones was reflected in Hiromi’s eyes, the intricate branches of snow covered connifers are beautiful and the realism in the way people move and breathe. Although, I still think Hiromi is still a bit too thin, at least she’s had a course of lipo-injection since a few weeks ago.

Like a seesaw pivoting on Shinchiro, as Hiromi’s mood changes for the better, sadly Noe’s mood has plummeted. There is something wrong with the Itsuragi’s mental health, both of them. Jun is in love with his sister and Noe is suffering from some sort of depression. Noe has been causing a scene, isolating herself emo-like while almost becoming delusional. At the cliffhanger ending, and I exaggerate not, Noe is about to drown a chicken. The Melancholy of Itsuragi Noe continues, but will she go emo?!

Oh by the way, Aiko has got back together with Nobuse, but this feels forced somehow. Like tying of loose ends at the end of a story; and this is where it belongs.

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