Posted by: Teeif | 24 March, 2008

True Tears 12: Durama Ahoy!

The reason why I wanted to draw was because of those eyes.” – Shinchiro (18:55)

True Tears 12- KissTrue Tears 12- Tears

True Tears 12
From my eyes which have seen nothing

There were 2 key events over the last 25 minutes, Jun confessed he was a siscon/lolicon and Hiromi confronted Noe.

Noe, despite being insane, isn’t incestuous although she’s a little dim for not realising Jun is a Siscon until the very last second. Hiromi, despite being anorexic, bravely tells Noe (in not exactly these words) to back off her man, Hoe! Obviously, with less force then that, because she ends up crying.

So, what happened to the stereotypically useless male lead? Shichiro was actually pretty cool! The town’s cultural festival was pretty and Shinichiro had been practising all along to take over a place in the dance passed down from father to son. For once, I can see why half the population in this animé want to go out with the boy. In addition to his heritage Shinchiro made a very important and timely decision, he made up his mind. After the incident where Noe terrifies poor Jibeta, Shichiro went home and stayed up late trying to pick a girl (or did he just flip a coin?). Then he spent the rest of the night finishing the comic with a good end. He choose Noe.

That’s a bittersweet end for me. Although Noe x Shinchiro was the ending I am hoping for, suddenly, Hiromi becomes collateral. It was quite upsetting watching Hiromi revert to being a 6 year old while Shinchiro runs past her in search of Noe. I think its the better ending though, Hiromi will be upset but she will be O.K. Noe on the otherhand, is a suicidal emo and proves this by jumping off a tree at the end. She should be O.K. too, I hope, it sounded like she hit a pile of Snow.

It should be a Noe x Shinchiro end, but for most of it’s content, the last, remaining episode still remains unpredictable. I think Hiromi still has some fight left in her. Or Noe, when she hits the bottom of her flying squirrel imitation, could hit her head, get amnesia, meaning Jun has to ‘rehabilitate’ her alone in Tokyo. Ships Ahoy! and nice boat ending would, of course, be the least likely end.

~ Teeif

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