Posted by: Teeif | 28 March, 2008

Spice and Wolf 13: The beginning or the End?

“That is because your name is a bit shorter – Lawrence (19:40) This is certain victory for Ai-chan! Oh wait, wrong animé. 😦

Spice and Wolf 13- horo tailSpice and Wolf 13-  gang bang

Spice and Wolf 13
Wolf and New Journey

Deep in the forest, Lawrence wakes to find Horo standing above him. She is quite wet. Horo quickly strips; she is not wearing underwear. With haste, Lawrence quickly climbs onto her and rides her all the way to Liebert’s gang. When the pair gets to Liebert, Lawrence dismounts Horo so Horo proceeds to eat Liebert (but she declines to swallow). Lawrence though, imagines Horo eating Noora instead (obviously been on /u/ too much). Afterwards Horo tries desperately to find out whose name Lawrence called out when he was fantasising. It all ends well and the two humans, the wolf and the dog depart ways at the end.

And that is as good as I can make it. There is little more to the concluding part of the Spice and Wolf, the rest is rather predictable or dull. I just didn’t find the Incredible Hulk Horo transformation where she does her superhero trick and turns into a giant wolf very interesting. It was all rather surreal. I certainly can’t find any motivation to try and work out how the blackmail with the Rimone company works. For a last episode this was pretty anti-climatic.

On the merchant side of the story, Liebert, the Rimone company and the church showed little resistance to the will of Lawrence. You could see that the show was headed for an open end/reset, the route was straightforward. On the wolf side of the story, Lawrence got a little closer to Horo and Noora got completely ditched. In fact, Noora got little more than a few lines of innocent girly gasps.

Spice and Wolf pretty much started as it finished. Horo appeared before Lawrence, got naked and are seen driving their cart into the distance as the credits roll. Flirty-but-arrogant Horo can clumsily makes romantic hints to naive workaholic Lawrence but unfortunately, the blind and deaf have better communication skills than Wolf and Man. The difference since their inception is more that Horo and Lawrence have evolved a caring friendship rather than any feelings of love. Don’t you just get the feeling of pointlessness and disappointment when something ends withou…

…To be continued…

~ Teeif


  1. Nice end to the post. Hopefully the show really does continue in the future, as Lawrence and Horo’s tit-for-tat interactions are what made the show enjoyable for me. :3

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