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True Tears 13: An emotional farewell.

“Dad? When do you cry?” – Shinchiro (7:17). Shinchiro pops the question to his old man, who probably thought for a second that he’s went soft! XD

True Tears 13 - In the bus shelterTrue Tears 13 - Under bamboo

True Tears 13
Your Tears

It was a Hiromi end!?

I really don’t get the logical order here. I had my hopes pinned on a Shinchiro x Noe end. Hopes that were shattered by what I think is a Shit-chiro 180. After all the events last episode, finishing the book with a ‘good’ end, using the Raigomaru analogy to ‘fly’, ignoring Hiromi, showing Noe the picture book, I thought Shinchiro had chosen Noe.

But it seems Shinchiro has decided that, afterall, he’s loved Hiromi, probably since he was a foetus. He tells Noe that she gives him motivation and sways his feelings, in the end though, he loves Hiromi. Great! I thought, Shinchiro wants to marry Hiromi because that way, there isn’t a 50% chance that his Children will be incestuous or Emo. But of course, he wouldn’t mind a little Noe on the side (for inspiration ;)).

In reality, given the circumstances, at least Shinchiro did a decent job of wrapping things up. Praises to the Seiyuu (Ishii Makoto) because the scene in the bus shelter was very, very good. Shinchiro had to be careful when taking responsibility and explaining himself to Noe, after all, she IS the little cuckoo who thinks she can literally fly! So it’s up to him to tell her, Emos Emus can’t fly! This is a slippy path, he has to let Noe down while giving her self-esteem and confidence to find another love herself. It was very tense and perhaps even a little unrealistic that Noe took it so well.

Emotional tension like this usually carries much less well animated and voiced shows. While many Hiromi snobs may say that they knew all along, the shining aspect of this drama is that it really kept me guessing right till Shichiro’s admission in that bus shelter. Although Noe probably didn’t lose Shichiro to Hiromi while she was confined to Hospital with a fractured leg, she probably lost back in episode 9 when the incest lie unravelled. In hindsight there really isn’t much Noe could have done. Opening the possibility of Shinchiro x Hiromi is like unlocking their hearts with an inevitable flood of mutual love. Noe might have had a chance to snatch Shinchiro away when she first went out with him in episode 7/8, but she was too inexperienced.

The story is certainly open to interpretation, with a few open ends and these will be easy prey for many fanfic writers. There are a couple of unanswered questions such as, why Noe jumped off a tree? (attention whoring?) What affair did Shinchiro’s and Hiromi’s parents have? And what does Buridaikon taste like?

I think the most important question is: What is P.A. Works going to do next? Because I would love to see more.

~ Teeif


  1. Noe …. *sob sob*

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