Posted by: Teeif | 5 April, 2008

Naruto 53: Reset and Try Again.

“Emotions lead to Hatred. Hatred leads to war the Darkside” – Danzou (18:05).
Corrected for better copyright infringement :).

Naruto 53- Meeting 1Naruto 53- Meeting 2

Naruto Shippuuden 53 (Naruto 273)
The Leaves Sprout! Naruto Shippuuden Special.

Sasuke, Kabuto and Orochimaru disappear right at the beginning preventing Sasuke from raping all the goodguys, cos y’know, we can’t have that. Oh no. Orochimaru goes for the old cliché that’s doomed to failure; “An Enemy of my Enemy is my Friend”. He must be pretty confident about his superior strength to let his enemies escape while they are so weak.

Back at base, the propaganda machine gets into gear as Team Kakashi’s complete and utter defeat gets reported around the village with honey covered happy pills delivered with free replicas of John Lennon’s rose tinted glasses. How was it that Orochimaru was ‘pushed to the limit’ and ‘tried to make his escape’, when it was Narubi who was impaled by Orochimaru’s Sword/Tongue and members of Team Kakashi who were crippled at the end? Is Jiraiya applying for the job of New Iraqi Information Officer?

Finally It’s the end of the arc and time for a reset. The return to Konoha turned out to be a rare cerebral affair for the Naruto cast and there was alot of good plot here. Tsunade, as always, is inept and unable to get a grip on any of her Enemies: Akatsuki, Orochimaru and Danzou.

~ Teeif



  1. This is really cool,keep up the pimp work!

  2. where I can get newest chapter comic naruto?

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