Posted by: Teeif | 6 April, 2008

Naruto 54: A new beginning, Sai and Friends.

“I’m not fat, I’m just Husky!” – Chouji (23:03). Husky? 😛

Naruto 54- Don't call Sakura uglyNaruto 54- Naruto Shocked

Naruto Shippuden 54 (Naruto 274)
The Leaves Sprout! Naruto Shippuuden Special (Part 2).

The inevitability of plot development and character evolution once again sees Naruto produce a high school love comedy episode. Naruto is to be sent for more training since he was completely outclassed by Sasuke, more badguys are invented to help him do this and the rest of the day is spent at lunch. A love triangle quickly emerges with, strangely enough, Sai in between a tussle between Sakura and Ino. Comedy ensues since they are ALL stupid.

With the change of pace comes the change of title theme, to a more standard JPOP affair: Blue Bird by Ikimono_Gakari (Youtube and Mp3 links). It’s sweet, I like it. It also marks the end of ear shatteringly loud exclamations of ‘you are my friend‘ which was out of tune, unsettling and the lyrics were homo-erotic.

Other changes include the ending and aspect ratio. Naruto is now in 16:9 widescreen which looks far better on my 22″ 1680 x 1050 monitor :)! The ending theme isn’t bad either, everyone is suited up which somewhat reminds me of a cosplay ball with Yakuza in attendance 0_-.

Further signs that the gayness has ended, along with the end of the Sasuke arc (Hopefully he won’t disappear for 3 years again!) include Sai putting on some proper clothes and looking far less like a puff. Naruto and Sakura’s alternate costumes were pretty as well. Now they look like high school kids, especially Sakura with her new T-shirt, blue skirt and book.

Naruto 54- Sakura High School Girl

Actually, Sakura’s pretty cute and I’ve already given her a pet name: Useless.

~ Teeif.


  1. i actually think sakura looks really sexy in that outfit. the boots look really good with it as well

  2. It’s adorable Ima edit it to be my character xD

  3. which episode was this?

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