Posted by: Teeif | 8 April, 2008

Next Season: Code Gaess, Kanokon, To-Love, Itazura

Anime Preview: Stepo Tu
From Code Geass to Itazura na Kiss

R2 to kiss

Code Geass Re 2: Lelouch of the rebellion.
Hell No, I ain’t stopped watching this. With respect to the enduring quality of this show, they could’ve shown 23 minutes of Ash licking Pikachu’s balls and I’d still be watching just in case Lelouch shows up for the final 30 seconds for a threesome.
Status: Blogging

This is an animé about a boy who looks like a girl, with a girly voice, who is molestered by a girl for no apparent reason. Its slapstick romantic gender-bending comedy – basically the good bits of Minake-Ke Okwari Moe-fied. It’s watchable but I feel a bit dirty afterwards.
Status: Deferred till after 1-2 episodes.

To-Love Ru
This was correctly on my ignore list but a boring Monday afternoon prompted me to go waste my bandwidth. 2LuvU is the creation of underemployed, understaffed marketers who have a go at making the next Urusei Yatsura but end up drawing Tits all week instead, big tits and big asses that take up lots of drawing (except for the mandatory Loli Imouto). I was looking for a reason to watch this like forbidden love or a deaf-blind-impotent protagonist, but big breasted alien doesn’t cut it.
Status: Dropped

Itazura na kiss I’m halfway through this. I paused after enduring 10 minutes of what I felt was a manga on youtube. In that time it managed to spoil the ending (they get married) and make a standard girly intro (My name is X and I’m in love with X).
Status: Watching

Still to come: Alison and Lillia, Junjó Romantica, Nabati no Ou Juuni Mensou no Musme, Vampire Knight + others.

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