Posted by: Teeif | 11 April, 2008

Next Season: Vampire, Soul eater, S.A. and Allison.

Animé Preview: Stepo Tu (part 2)
From Vampire Knight to Allison and Lillia.

If you were wondering why I’ve left my antagonistic rant and petty insult filled blog to rot and kick up a stink for the last week, I finally have an answer and this is it!

First going into a new season for a new blog is shit scary; What should I blog and Can I compose a blog for it that’s more intelligible than a bus timetable? Since backing a winner is best done with knowledge on the whole field, I am watching first episodes of alot of new animé and this is quite time consuming. But since I have yet to plough through 3 out of 8 of my top lists, not to mention many that should have been on it, I probably won’t pick for another week or so. More on this later.

Second and embarrassingly because I am so behind the times, I have discovered Kyonko! I have gathered umpteen images of Kyonko and I have drawn one myself; In short I was pretty obsessed and I’ll tell you why.

Vampire Knight
Vampire Knight actually turns out to be Vampire High but this is not necessarily detrimental. Sure, the whole social experiment to see if Humans and Vampire can live together is tantamount to shoving a Lion and a Monkey in a cage, but the constant tension makes good entertainment. It does the old and clichéd Loli-goth and Vampire themes, but that doesn’t matter because it does them well.
Status: Blogging

Soul Eater
A candidate for this month season’s award for style but simultaneously for shallowness. It gets an animé Oscar nomination for it’s clean and groovy art, challenging angles and cool character designs; kinda like Gurren Laggan with necrophiliac themes. It’s not actually possible to give a animé Rasberry for the plot – because there is none! I fear typical Shonen hollowness. Finally it also gains a special award for unintentional inclusion of animé parody.

Death Notes - (Soul Eater)A Neko is O.K. too
Death Note and A Cat is O.K. too!

As a package this is great, but I am not a fan of episodic animé due to lack of coherent storyline. There’s nothing to pull me through the Soulcaptor Maka defeats monster of the week scenario.
Status: Dropped

Special A
If Soul Eater is a stereotypical Shounen script, Special A is the Shojo equivelent. While I am unimpressed by the scenario and potential outcomes, the elitest undertones and shojo humer are strangely satisfying. The pompous rivalry and escalating hyperbole inspires interest in the way that Hana Yori Dango inspires awe with it’s luxurious wealth.
Status: Pending

Allison and Lillia
This sort of fantasy adventure driven animé has potential to turn into an epic tale. I’d love to be immersed into it’s attractive world, the only off putting element however, is the cartoony visuals. The whole products brings up (good) nostalgia of The animated adventures of Tin-Tin.
Status: Watching

~ Teeif

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