Posted by: Teeif | 22 April, 2008

Code Geass R2 03: Is Geasses a verb?

“Oven, Salt, Flying pan, Eggs, Béchamel Sauce. The gelato goes on another plate. Take the rosemary and put it in the sorbet. And the sauerkraut with the dill seeds. And the Schwarzwalder Kisch torte…” – Milly (4:41)
Sounds like a recipe for a giant fuck up to me… -_-

Code Gaess 03 - C.C Chinese MeetingCode Gaess 03 - Mall

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2 Turn 3
Imprisonment at the academy

Without that reminder at the beginning of the episode, I wouldn’t have thought there was a crisis and a new country was on the brink of being blown to extinction. C.C is playing Zero on T.V. (Isn’t anyone going to notice this one has new tits?) and maintaining relations with the Fugly Castrated Chinese Monkey while Lelouch is busy; he is going on a date!

Lelouch’s planned switch plays out well, he’s already back at the academy and under surveillance when he calls Rolo back. Lulu even uses Villetta as an alibi, so he must already suspect her as a enemy.

The siege at the Chinese embassy drags on so Britannia takes the initiative. They decide to begin murdering all the precious resistance people from the last series whose names and faces I can’t recall, and don’t really care about. Unfortunately for Lelouch, morale in the resistance will drop along with the dead bodies so he has to rescue them. Too bad for him.

In order to escape his ‘imprisonment’, Lelouch goes shopping for a present with Shirley. Obviously, this is an animé and two school kids can’t go on a date without a line of comedy stalkers following. To shake off his followers, Lelouch Geasses the Cell Phone Salesman using his magic eye after magically removing his special contact lens. I can say, from first hand experience, that it is inhuman to take your contact lens out like that because it feels like you’re gorging your eye out and you blink. But hey! Lulu’s no human; he’s a monster.

Monster hunting is Rolo who, despite the pandemonium, catches Lelouch at the end. Rolo uses his Wide Area Effect Geass or a Geass bomb to gain the upperhand but Lulu should be able to con his way out of this one. Rolo’s shouta Faggotry doesn’t work on everyone unlike in another animé.

This week’s 4-Koma:

Code Gaess 03 - screensCode Gaess 03 - C.C and KallenCode Gaess 03 - UnderwearCode Gaess 03 - remote

~ Teeif


  1. Rollo’s shouta faggotry doesn’t work because he’s creepy. Really creepy.

  2. I’m liking that 4-koma.

  3. He is an amazing person made by someone who is smart and knows the world is rotten. Therefore he is no monster yet is a God made by a God. This is truly what makes the world worth living in!

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