Posted by: Teeif | 24 April, 2008

Kurenai 03: Murasaki’s cute, cute adventure game

Kurenai 03 - TrainKurenai 03 - Train ride

Kure-nai Third Episode
The Fraud’s face.

This week, the director sticks to his über cute strategy and sends the Loli off to the wrong school. Since day-time TV isn’t thrilling in Japan either, Tamaki convinces Murasaki to go cock hunting at Kurenai’s school. And so the abuse of Murasaki continues as the crazy neighbour leads her there and then disappears – probably on the hunt for Shota, she did say she was non-conformist. If Tamaki was supposed to be the baby sitter, which I doubt, she wants to be arrested for Child abuse.

Nevertheless, Murasaki is left to go on her cute, cute adventure at Kurenai’s school, wearing a jump suit of horrible contrasting colours and what looks like a diaper.

Murasaki is really a bit of an unfortunate little rich girl, really. But after having lost her biological mother in acrimonious circumstances, having been kept in confinement within the Japanese version of the neverland estate and now being left home alone, she’s surprisingly O.K. She’s come out only slightly abnormal. Maybe she was rescued in time? If this was a Hideo Kajima game, Murasaki would turn out to be one of his batshit insane badguys with an extra-curricular appreciation for severing limbs and revenge.

Murasaki has only a slight delusion of megalomania. Hopefully she will learn not to treat everyone like servants before everyone gets a turn at the Kurenai punch bag.

Murasaki reminds me of another brave, independent, headstrong if unfortunate little Loli in silly baggy clothes: Final Fantasy IX’s Eiko Carol. I remember that Eiko developed a crush on the protagonist of that game after being rescued by him. That really could happen here! Yuuno is already considering the idea and has her defences up. The three-way argument during the middle of the episode made me giggle, Yuuno is definitely Yandere material.

This week’s 4-koma:
Not my fault!

Kurenai 03 - Ribbon
Kurenai 03 - Murasaki running
Kurenai 03 - Fire
Kurenai 03 - It was her

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