Posted by: Teeif | 29 April, 2008

Kurenai 04: Win millions!!! Exploit Shinkurou now!

Kurenai 04 - BathKurenai 04 - Cityscape

Kure-nai Forth Episode
Talented Person.

While there is no doubt that the loli steals the show with her ability to bring cuteness to a godly level (move over, baby Jebus), even when mortally endangering herself and her minder, there is another rather insignificant character who might deserve some of your attention. What’s his name again? Oh wait, isn’t it on the cover somewhere?

The talented person referred to in the episode title is of course, our versatile supernanny, Kurenai Shinkurou. We finally get some a few pages of Shinkurou’s Biography, despite Murasaki’s efforts to best to make it his obituary!

Despite Shinkurou’s obvious talents for dispute mediation, he doesn’t get paid enough, in fact he seems to get paid far less than Benika-san who drives around in a sports car when she’s not at home in her luxurious home being watched by her lesbian bodyguard. Shikurou, as we know, has to make do with the 1 room condo where the trash never gets taken out. Why is this? Does he owe a debt?

Unfortunately the explanations for the reason why Shinkurou is like the poorson-of-wolverine has been reserved to tantalise us in a future episode. For now, we have that ever useful narrative tool which I LOVE :(, the flashback.

Previously we’ve seen Liddl Shin lose his parents in some sort of tragic incident involving airport bombings, fire and a mobile phone. We saw how this experience helps Shinkurou relate to Murasaki because she also lost a parent and has a mobile phone. In a flashback, Shinkurou is also in a state of Emo that he doesn’t wish to happen to his plucky little charge. Although I’m not sure he prefers that Murasaki tries to get others killed rather than try to kill herself.

Enter here, Benika, who slightly redeems herself for child exploitation by being the saviour of Kurenai, both physically and emotionally. Benika is responsible for rescuing Shinkurou, and also-ran megane-ko childhood friend Ginko, from err… Terrorists in suits!? Benika is also responsible for introducing Shinkurou to Houzuki-ruu martial arts, and the other childhood friend who’s a bit of a slut, Yuuno.

That’s hardly redemption for you Benika-san, in fact, that’s almost entrapment!

~ Teeif

This week’s 4-Koma:
Who’s the daddy?

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