Posted by: Teeif | 2 May, 2008

Naruto 56: fillers are like bullying – neither funny nor clever

Naruto 56 - everyoneNaruto 56 - Sai

Naruto Shippuden 56 (Naruto 276)

They say there is a bullying problem in Japan and that the problem may even be institutionalised in schools and organisations. The Japanese government have perhaps a more difficult problem dealing with discrimination that western countries but at least they don’t have to deal with Narutards.

Narutards are a western phenomena that is causing kids up and down the land to be endlessly bullied because they are stupid and they like Anime (even thought they only watch one). Just imagine yourself discretely discussing Japanese Visual Arts, then out of the blue a Narutard comes over and shouts something that ends with -Jutsu. That’s it! Narutard becomes the bully magnate in the class and you’re collateral. Of course, as the teacher would hopelessly preach to the class, bullying is neither funny nor clever. Too bad no one listens.

In a way, Naruto Shippuden is like bullying; it’s not funny or clever. But it doesn’t listen and keeps torturing you anyway. The fillers are like the Narutard that comes over and ruins your nice life. It’s not alot of fun but you put up with it anyway.

In this episode, basically, nothing happens. Sai sits in a forest and draws Naruto sweating and groaning while training hard. Team Kakeshi Yamoto gets assigned a mission. Blah, Blah, Blah.

~ Teeif


  1. I don’t even think that episode was a filler. P: The fillers are the intensely boring, so-tedious-I’ve-given-up-and-am-waiting-for-real-plot arc, starting next episode…

    But I like your description of Sai and Naruto in the forest xD

  2. nice!

  3. informative for me, like that

    injectable filler

  4. hmmm…sincer mie una imi plak toate episoadele naruto…e prea fain
    🙂 :x:x:* shi sasuke itachi shi Sai sunt preferatii mei

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