Posted by: Teeif | 6 May, 2008

Kure-nai 05: Sunday, funday, happy days!

Kurenai 05 - dojoKurenai 05 - Struggle

Kure-nai Fifth Episode

Last weekend gone was a bank holiday in Teh Olde Green Isles, with 3 whole days off work, it’s often a chance to go on short break. Although I would rather sleep off work fatigue, there are some Brits who actually do go outside. Goodness knows why, most will discover that the transport system is retarded and the weather is random, but the most unfortunate of them will discover how retarded and random their in-laws are!

A Sunday according to animu is for families to spend time together, so Shinkurou drags the little one off to visit Yuuno, the virtual in-laws who live a train plus bus ride away in her beautiful house of Zen. Murasaki and Shinkurou’s visit to the Houzuki’s, in many ways, reminded me instead of a horrible trip to the in-laws. Everyone’s formal, awkward questions are mandatory, there is edgy tension, you have a fight with your partner and then your kid breaks something!

Despite Shinkurou and Yuuno having grown up together and Shikurou being an adopted Son, surprisingly, there’s none of the rather-convenient-not-blood-related-cute-sister scenario. This is serious anime! Lesser anime (Yes you, Da Crapo!) would have already milked this situation for “Oni chan, daisuki” till the cow moos. Of course, we later learn that Yuuno belongs to a family of self-confessed killers (Dai Crapo!), so maybe Shinkurou wasn’t so keen to join the family.

Regardless of their official relationship, I think Shinkurou and Yuuno are almost destined to be married. Their little flirts, moments of modesty and embarrassment are so much cuter when Yuuno isn’t being so assertive. Houzuki-sensei certainly approves. Exactly why Yuuno turns to her father when she spuriously decides to follow Shinkurou at the end, I do not know. But he approves :). I’ve warmed up to Yuuno this episode, she was quite aggressive and jealously maternal to begin with, but now I know that her attitude comes from pseudo-sisterly love, she’s pretty awesome. All that, or I just like her Kimono. 😛

A Sunday in the life of Shinkurou Kurenai reiterates the joy of having a slice of life anime of a most unusual life. I’m starting to come round to the perspective that Kurenai is good enough as one of those plotless slice-of-life shows.

This Week’s 4-Koma:
It’s only a game (Click Read More)

Kurenai 05 - upsetKurenai 05 - Shocked MurasakiKurenai 05 - Crying ChiKurenai 05 - Game Over

This week on Kids Say The Funniest Things:

Kurenai 05 - Kids are alright 2

Kurenai 05 - Kids are alright

~ Teeif


  1. Thank you for blogging Kure-nai! I think you’re hilarious and I’m looking forward to next episode’s entry. 🙂

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