Posted by: Teeif | 9 May, 2008

Vampire Knight 04 & 05 – protect silly snow rabbit for profit!

In this season’s battle of the Shojos, Vampire Knight has become my knight in shining armor, Itazara na Kiss is an enjoyable flirt and Special A gets a special spoon. There is a cool aura about every episode of Vampire Knight and I even like the random fanservice of bishounen Vampires licking each other. Vampire Knight still suffers from points of rubbish animation but hey, it’s a limited budget because the sale of 1:10 scale Kaname figures is limited.

Yuki Cross

Maybe a Megami Magazine Yuki Cross Poster is relevant to your interests?

It looks like the job of selling toys falls onto Yuki’s shoulders. Unfortunately Yuki’s sense of danger is minutely better than a blind rabbit on a runway. She gets chomped on by Nothing (Sorry, Zero) every other episode. Then, when she bleeds, every vampire in the building can smell it! Weather she bleeds or not doesn’t seem to affect the hordes of random level E vampires assaulting her down every back alley she’s been to so far. Even worse is her complete inability to put up a fight, well, not when there are legions of hawt bishies queuing up to rescue her.

Will she die? I don’t actually know because I refuse to read the manga even while it sits there on a website (that is not exactly called Ichi Manga ;-)) waiting for me to gawk at it’s beautiful images. Though I did risk myself slight exposure to spoilers when I went to fact check the levels of vampire society:

Vampire Society –
A – Pure Blood
B – Noble
C – ‘Normal’ Vampires
D – Human Vampires
E – RWAAR Blergh! Kill!

Pure Bloods to remain pure, must marry each other and apparently marrying your sibling is common. If I was a skeptical person, I would say it’s blatant attempt to create a sis-kon scenario. Oh wait! I am. This is sooo gonna end with lots of “Oni-sama, Aisteru!”

50 word Summaries:

Vampire Knight Forth night
Trigger of Conviction

Vampire Knight 04 - neckVampire Knight 04 - yuki and zero

Yuki gets sucked by nothing so invades Moon Hall to satisfy her masochistic urges. Unfortunately Kaname saves her from being raped by Idou as well, so she goes back to nothing who also runs off to be emo. Poor Yuki.

Vampire Knight Fifth night
Feast in the moonlight

Vampire Knight 05 - ShotgunVampire Knight 05 - yuki

There’s a new teacher for defence against the dark arts ethics, he wears an eyepatch and a stern gaze – a vampire hunter then. Yuki follows nothing’s boycott of his former master, but he chomps Yuki, so Vampire Hunter returns to shoot nothing and save Yuki. Poor nothing.

~ Teeif



  1. Arr, so this is where you blog.

    the Megami artwork is pretty. ^_^. I do need to watch Episode 5 soon, I have been busy with work.

  2. not really he { idou } don’t have porpose to rape yuki!!!

  3. […] I said it before, and I’ll say it again. Not enough Kaname figurines are being sold so we have to put up with rubbish art, hyperactive fangirling and now the phenomenon of levitating Yuuki. Despite it’s flaws, Vampire Knight has style and a narrative which pips Itazura na Kiss as my favourite Shojo this season. Don’t even think I’d consider Special A. […]

  4. OMG ! >.<
    I just watched a youtube video and YUKI AND KANOMEA KISSED AAAAND SHE TURNED INTO A VAMPIRE !!!!!!!!!
    omg . i REALLLLLYYY wanted zero and yuki to get together .. zeros WAAY better !!
    aarrrgggg ! im flipping out !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! D:<

  5. Wow… Wow…. Vampire knight is the best anime… A ;ike yuki, kaname n Zero absolutely…

  6. h3llo

  7. ook……//////

  8. love kaname and zero kaname will you marry me lol

  9. Megan you spoiler!!! i hate you now!

  10. ilove vampireknight Zero is so HOT

  11. i luv vampireknight Zero is so HOT

  12. 💀

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