Posted by: Teeif | 13 May, 2008

Code Geass R2 06: Don’t mention the war!

code gaess 06 - Planningcode gaess 06 - Execution

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2 Turn 6.
Surprise attack in the pacific ocean.

I think the Siskon Madman has lost it. Love for his sister’s DFC (and I mean pancake flat) has clouded his judgement and is causing him to take ridiculous risks. The surprise attack was no such thing, Britannia knew about it, and lelouch barely escaped the ambush with Kallen’s Guren as the only surviving unit.

Although Lulu’s attempted abduction of Nunally was foiled by a Guildford’s mass produced evas Lancelots and the three knights of the round, he did at least converse with her. I liked how the tranquil, yet emotional conflict of minds inside contrasted with the violent drama outside. It is somewhat similar to The Empire Strikes Back, with Lulu struggling with his darkside siskon feelings. Nunally is the emperor observing the conflict between Lulu and Suzaku, just substitute the father revelation for a subtext of Nunally expressing her preference for Suzaku, leaving Lulu to scream “NUNALLIEEEEEEEE” as he falls into vacuum.

The idea that Nunally is Lulu’s weak point has become the rule and it may even prove to be his Achilles’ heal. Lulu, with all the verve needed to assault a Britannia escort fleet was flabbergasted in front of Nunally – not the only time I’ve seen this.

Lulu’s mistake today was to trust the Chinese. Everyone knows that the nationalist Japanese producers at Sunrise dislike the Chinese and will do anything they can to make China appear like a back-stabbing, anarchic, incompetent regime!

To be honest, I think Japan is really ambivalent towards nationalism which can often be mistaken for social cohesion and filial piety/loyalty. In any case, analysis shows that Code Geass’ scattergun alternative history is too inconsistent to be a statement of any sort, much less a overtly nationalistic one.

Nevertheless, I will still futilely attempt to prove a case anyway. I call upon Everyman’s favourite Animé stereotype: the Loli.

When you compare each side’s mandatory Loli, you will find that the Japanese one is better than the others. For example, the Chinese Empress is a bit of a crybaby and nowhere near as Lolicious as the Japanese Empress. Meanwhile, the Britannian loli is a heartless Twitter addict with overpowered, monstrously huge guns on her Mech; probably to boost her low self-esteem due being flat, and a geek. The Japanese Empress goes around with a purpose, dignity and some power, albeit she is a bit of a figurehead. In contrast, the Chinese Empress is like the boy-emperors before the revolution: powerless and confined to the ‘forbidden city’ by fugly, castrated, Eunuchs and their annoying voiceovers. Now, tell me which side has is the superior Loli?

The real power in China is still hidden, regardless whoever rules is incompetent, leaving Li Xingke to freely tip-off Britannia as soon as Lulu turns his back. This leaves the question: is China protecting the creation of the United States of Japan or not?

“That Guildford’s acting on his own…”
<“But we’re saved”>
“But he stole all the merit!”

(11:05) – I love meritocracies :D.

~ Teeif


  1. Good lord, is that a Fawlty Towers reference?

  2. I suspect some viewers find heartless Twitter addicts or tearful lolitas more exciting. Plus Britannia has Nunally who isn’t strictly speaking a lolita, but must surely qualify as DFC.

  3. Nunally gets a 12 because she’s actually legal!

    A nasty part of my mind was expecting you to add ‘and can’t run away’.

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