Posted by: Teeif | 17 May, 2008

Naruto 57-58: another animé with an wordy and inaccurate episode title

Naruto 57-8 - Sai and NarutoNaruto 57-8 - Sai and Naruto 2

Naruto Shippuden 57-58 (Naruto 277-8 )
Hooke claws that slash the darkness! The strong wind that blows past: Naruto Shippuuden Special!

I am behind in this series, sorry, but Naruto is being very anal. I simply couldn’t last a double episode, it was just too painful. This is true of the Naruto Movie as well, I still haven’t finished it, having dosed off twice. Perhaps 20 minutes is as much Naruto as my body can take at once or maybe I shouldn’t leave Naruto on for when I go to bed.

The mission of the day for the Naruto crew is protect hidden tombs. Hidden being the keyword here since Natuto can randomly stumble upon one of them. Goodness knows how easy it must be for someone dedicated to tomb raiding to find them.

Once inside, Naruto meets an Indian, no not Indiana, he’s too expensive. But a guy named Sora who looks like he’s from the Asian subcontinent. They fight and before you know it, they are bum buddies and Sora has the unenviable task of teach Naruto about wind.

Looking at the length of that episode title, I think the director missed his chance to explain the whole plot of this episode and save us the pain of having to watch his crap. Instead he produced the usual animé title which has no bearing on the actual events of the episode.

An wind theme has been assigned to this filler after Naruto discovered his Chi is affiliated with the wind element. It’s like having to obligatorily play with your new upgrades/skill after getting it in the game. Sorry, Naruto, you can’t just run off after Sasuke once you gain Kul Nu Powaz. You have to go practice using them against some random enemy characters first, it’s in the designer’s manual.

~ Teeif


  1. what show/movie or manga is that pic from? please tell me.

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