Posted by: Teeif | 19 May, 2008

4 Koma: Big Brother

Code Geass R2 07 - Pizza hut
Before we bring you our feature presentation, first a word from our sponsors…

Code Geass R2: Koma No.6
Big Brother

Code Geass R2 07 - spycam
Code Geass R2 07 - kiss
Code Geass R2 07 - kissu
Code Geass R2 07 - shock 2

Everyone was making a big fuss about the fangirl pandering so I just had to take is a step further. I also really enjoyed Darkmirage‘s little strip. Really, WTF is going on in Rolo’s head?

~ Teeif


  1. Haha, oh wow. Sure didn’t see potential for that one there. How long does it take you to think up one of these?

  2. Ougi and Tamaki don’t know Zero’s true identity! :o:o
    Sorry to ruin the punchline of your comic q_q

  3. LOL! Teeif, your creativity still amazes me

  4. Sorry. I really do not know how did I stumble upon your blog lol.

    Nice 4koma.

  5. 4koma is too funny!

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