Posted by: Teeif | 19 May, 2008

Code Geass R2 07: In alternate reality, good drugs exist!

Code Geass R2 07 - LelouchCode Geass R2 07 - Suzaku's robot

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2 Turn 7.
The Discarded Mask.

The morale of Code Geass is: don’t make war, make love, especially to your psuedo-not-blood-related-little-brother. This is why Hitler and Napoleon failed. Despite owning lots of Polish sausages and Italian meatballs, the two madmen started to want moar; they wanted Russian cabbages and this became their downfall (do not ask me what a Russian cabbage is, ask what a Russian cabbage looks like to you)!

Lulu’s paper thin purpose for fighting a war (made out of 1000 origami wishes), to make a better world for his sister Nunally, has been achieved. The problem is, Lulu now wants moar; he wants his daddy. He even sells the Black Knights to Japan S.A.R to get his new plan in motion.

Before, the best way to completely end the whole conflict and possibly save the millions of lives that would be lost was simple; if Britannia simply legalised incest, then Lulu can just marry governor Nunally and rule over Area 11 together.

They could make all sorts of laws to change their region to however they wanted; like ban pizza hut. Resistance to their fraternal dictatorship, especially from Black Knights, would crumble under lulu’s tactical genius. Kaguya would form Lulu’s DFC Hareem, along with Nunally (it’s not like she can see what’s going on) and Rolo (mmm….flat). Kallen, who is rejected because she’s too big, would soon be caught and put in a Bunny Suit Jail.

Lulu could spend his days as a TV cook (though I think he would be a good solicitor) and we’d be treated to slapstick school festivals every week… Okay, that’s a useless concept, besides Lulu would be forced to make pizzas every week because 9 out of the 10 people still watching this crap in Japan would stop. The gap in funding inevitably filled by more Pizza Hut advertising.

Back to reality.

Whilst Lulu goes emo-ing around like he’s just been dumped, the writers have Nunally adopt Euphie’s ludicrous Japan S.A.R idea from last the series. As expected, the Elevens are having none of it. I know they based this idea on the real-life example; China’s one country, two systems policy, whereby China is social-capitalist and H.K. is free market. But they are trying to make an S.A.R here where Britannia is an ultra-right imperialist meritocracy and Japan is the lefty land of equality and care bears. This doesn’t work for me, it’s like Stalin letting East Germany rejoin the capitalist pigs – he wouldn’t do it.

Maybe I’m giving the Emperor too much respect. After all, he did open this episode urging his citizenry to kill, to steal and to have extra-marital sex. That’s suicidal! If everyone in Britannia began stealing, the economy would collapse and the Emperor would rule over nothing more than an anarchy. Forget the crappy refrain drugs Lelouch is taking, I wanna know what crazy pill his Father is on!?

~ Teeif


  1. Ok valid points, i would really like to be able to write Ichirō Ōkouchi for written this story and what not, good series, just cant find his email….heres the deal though, shorter version

    Lelouch is right in my opinion.
    his may be selfish in his own mind, but what he is doing is justified, but in this sense. He wants a better world for others, mainly nunully, though i think the friends he has made at school would cause him to broaden his scope as now in R2 he wants a better world to return to school with his firends after this is all other.
    there is always questionable acts in war, thats right and wrong, though clear cut in our heads, its not that simple when ur faced with the real situation.
    Britania is a expanding empire with satan as its leader, though he decieves others by prancing around in a robe of white splendor and a throne of gold, only hiding the blood of millions of women and children he has killed for the sake of his world domination theology…..he only cares for v.v., and his whole family is just an experiment to him.
    Strong survive, use the useful, family and people are meaningless otehrs wise, thats why he killed lelouch’s mommy and sent nunully into that blind state she’s in.
    It correct to know though everyone else may buy into the lie, against a ruling evil.
    Sometimes you have tio become evil to defeat it, though this doesn’t sit well with many idealist, a realist knows that people aren’t inately good, they are choosers, they can do right and wrong.
    its there choice, they dont need a reason to be evil, they can just chose it if they want.
    Finding the justification for lelouchs actions is going to be a debate anyway, some say hes right, like me, some say hes wrong, all got our own opinions.
    but besides all that, japan is japan and should be left for the japanese to decide how its run, not a juding empire coming in then saying we are civilized you primitive scum, convert or die……to defy that is right in its own reguard, you want peace……britania go back to minding its own business and leave japan alone as it was fine and peaceful long before they showed up…..or is britianias real goal that its deciving and useing its own people to accomplish, empire expansion and killing anyone in there way…..
    u want peace, destroy anti peace……you want to stop a war, fight to end it, you want to get rid of evil for a better tomorrow…….destroy that evil so that can be.

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