Posted by: Teeif | 24 May, 2008

Vampire Knight 06-07: Zero dilemma!

Avoiding spoilers for Vampire Knight is pretty tricky, especially since it’s so easily available at One Manga. I do look at the manga, but for background information and not just to bawww at the images. Then there are the blogs, spoiler-risque, and it’s my fault for reading them really. It’s okay though, as long as you never guess [insert spoiler] goes [insert spoiler] these insert spoiler [insert spoiler].

Unfortunately I am spoilt now, I’ve lost my innocence and I’m ruined for marriage! *sigh*

From what I gather, the anime is making inroads into the manga and Kaname is supposed to be a central character. Yet from what I witnessed, the anime is all about Zero emo-ing about his sucky life (:P) with Yuki in support. Kaname has been marginalised so far.

That’s fine, because Kaname is a snobby, elitist brat presiding over a three-tiered Vampire society that is rather discriminating against human vampires like Zero. The hierarchy for vampire society is extremely restrictive, kinda like the Indian caste system. Humans can never progress out from the supervision of Noble Vampires and Noble Vampires can never become pureblood.

Vampire Hierarchy (Haha – Repost)
A – Pure Blood, marries sisters (Kaname).
—————–(Top tier)——————–
B – Noble, looks after Human Vamps (Idou).
C – Normal Vampires.
—————–(Tier two)——————–
D – Human Vampires (Zero).
E – Insane Human Vampires!

Zero has an unenviable dilemma, he can either join the Vampires and slow his decadency from D to E, the first step of which would be to enter night class. Or he can struggle with his inner demons till he goes insane.

With the prospect of being underneath all the Vampires at night class, there’s little wonder why Zero refuses to accept his Vampire side, aside from the fact he hates himself of course.

Yuki Zero Wall 1280 x 1024
Blood Sucking scenes are Hawt!

Vampire Knight Sixth Night
Their Choice

Vampire Knight 06 - Yuki CrossVampire Knight 06 - Chomp

Yagari unfortunately survives teaching night class ethics, so I propose we see if he lives after teaching Chavs PSE. Yagari also previously survived an attack off a nurse turned level E, as did Zero. This incident had cost Yagari his eye and cemented Zero’s hatred for Vampires. After last episode’s incident, Zero’s gone all emo despite Yuki offering her neck to him.

Vampire Knight Seventh Night
Scarlet Coloured Labyrinth

Vampire Knight 07 - fightVampire Knight 07 - Kaname

Yuki’s life is seen in flashback, particularly the points where Kaname was grooming her. It begins when a boyish looking Kaname rescues Yuki and gets her adopted by chairman Cross. Zero soon arrives, also by virtue of adoption. The hate is strong in the boy, on sight of Kaname, Zero attempts to stab him with a butter knife. That’s impressive hate, I wouldn’t even be able to cut a steak with a butter knife!

~ Teeif


  1. Haha, I think I tried reading the manga (volume 8, I don’t know what happened to the rest) and it was pretty good, but got boring afterwards. I don’t like blood-sucking scenes!

  2. Woooooooooooow FIRST IMAGE SAVED! :D:D::DD:D

  3. Hi, i’ve got pics of my new emo hair style

  4. hello love this show

  5. hi..!!!
    my name is daniela but all my friends call me temna, i think that vampire knight is the best anime of the world..!!!
    if a person have anything new about vampire knight, i hope that tell me very soon..

  6. This is super random but I have been going insane looking for the picture in the wallpaper you got up there.. The one with Yuki and Zero, the gray one.. Jeez, I found like two but they are kinda blurry.. is there any way that you might have it?!!? O_O

    Thank you for your tiiiime!!!! :]]]

    I absolutely looove vampire knight 😀

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  8. i LOVE VAMPIRE KNIGHT if you want to talk to me go to ( )

  9. j’adore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. i love vampire knight and i love youki it is my loveeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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