Posted by: Teeif | 25 May, 2008

Naruto 60: Remember Naruto’s first Kiss?

“French or Soft, which do you prefer?” – Fuuka (6:26). I like melon bread, K, thanx.

Naruto 60 - KissNaruto 60 - Kiss 2

Naruto Shippuden 60 (Naruto 280)
Wheel of fortune.

Lie it is not! Naruto was actually funny. I know there was once a kid who cried wolf for Lulz and then nobody ever read his blog again, but this time I am sincere.

Inbetween a couple of skirmishes against retarded rock users involving first Woody, then gayboy Sai, we get to Naruto. Except Naruto drops the fight and immediately stumbles into a comedy moment during his encounter with a Ninja Succubus, Fuuka.

Fuuka is perhaps the best of the filler badguys, combining Mystique like powers with a Poison Ivy kiss of death. She is also somehow able to wield multiple elements, as if she is kakeshi’s alter ego. Pretty cool although not original. While the artists have the character design abilities of at least an 8-year-old, the writers are clearly stretching their little brains. Through a savvy attitude to the 4th wall, touching upon Naruto in-jokes with some decent script, there’s enough ‘fanservice‘ to offset the pointlessness this week.

Obviously there’s the flashback to Naruto’s first kiss with Sasuke, and there is also Sai’s regular dumbass faggotry, but also Fuuka’s reference to Naruto’s repetitive movelist. It raised a smile. Now if they could only move Naruto back to Konoha and resume the high school comedy maybe I wouldn’t have to blog this on my own!

~ Teeif


  1. OMFG!

    • I just hate the fact that these people decided to put in that kiss,… because the kiss is addicting

  2. LOL god I’ve already seen 2 posts on this I’m so tempted but I hate the anime so much XDDD

  3. […] are you asking that silly question Kishimoto-sensei? Obviously the answer is that he’s making out with fugly filler characters™. Tags: emotional stuff, plot thickens, rofl, shocking revelations, terrible sarcasm, […]

  4. lol shes a fricking slut i want her to suck my d1k

  5. SHE (Fuuka) IS HOT

  6. This confirms it. Naruto is a pimp as long as Kishimoto doesn’t get to touch the script. XD

  7. yea lol fuuka is hot xD, ❤ Fuuka, any pictures of her?^_^

  8. lol she looks hot=) she looks sexy^^ lol (if i was in naruto’s situation.. i would be like yes=O kiss me!!!) hehe=D btw, any like picture of her u no what?=P

  9. Teeif Hate is a form of Love, just admit you care and go spend just 20 minutes on fillers!

    I cannot believe u just said that u dick

  10. WARNING! S-P-O-I-L-E-R

    Fuuka gets her ability from her technique, The Kiss of Death. It sucks the opponents chakra and allows her to use it’s nature.

    She’s hot for a cartoon. The artist should make some hentai with her. =) Too bad she gets killed by Naruto in Shippuuden 69. Her hair is her weak spot. Naruto uses his wind-natured Chakra to cut her hair and she dies. She is actually an old hag.


    Look at this picture with Fuuka naked.

  12. masashi dose not teach naruto to be courtesy…
    bad boy!!

  13. but i love naruto

  14. naruto manga ik’ anime…>:D

  15. so addicting

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