Posted by: Teeif | 26 May, 2008

4 Koma: The King

Because there was not enough C.C this week.

Code Geass R2: Koma No.7 –
The king.

Suzaku has a rock concert, only Zero attends.

Code Geass R2 08 - BoringCode Geass R2 08 - ZerosCode Geass R2 08 - SuzakuCode Geass R2 08 - Machoist

In case you’re wondering what Suzaku’s singing to a very attentive audience… Click here. Now look away before Suzaku gets gang raped by over 9000 oversexed zero fans!

I do like Anya, she follows the Rei Amiyama model of emotionless fuck dolls mecha pilots, a cold-hearted killing machine, just updated for the 21st century (read: lolified). Her attire looks awesome but she still gets ignored cos she’s small! She should’ve kicked the ass of that insolent bureaucrat who didn’t know she was a knight. Notice that she signed a death warrant without much thought! XD

Before you go; a game, where’s Wally?
Wally has wondered through a time-space portal and emerged in a field of numbers. Where is he?

(Click to enlarge)

~ Teeif



  1. I liked last week’s comic better. You should have shopped Waldo into the last pic. XD

  2. hahaha i agree with nagato. this is pretty awesome tho.

    you also coulda shooped suzaku singing into the huge TVs that show zero. hahahha

  3. OMG, you’re so hilarious teeif 😀

    I found Wally alright and I dunnoes why people call him Waldo. I’ve always called him Wally.

    Damnit, I haven’t even seen this yet so YOU SPOILED ME! YOU SPOILED MEEE!

  4. Definately Wally… Thats how it is, here in Britainia!

    Hillarious 4koma XD

  5. I found him. He came for the concert as well?

  6. No, I didn’t. Sorry, Teeif

  7. Lelouch is pretty smart for thinking that he can escape by creating million of zeros

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