Posted by: Teeif | 29 May, 2008

Code Geass R2 08: Z is for ZOMG

Code Geass R2 08 - AnyaCode Geass R2 08 - Iceburg

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2 Turn 8.
The Million Miracle.

What can I say about the V for Vendetta imitation? I liked V for Vendetta and I like Code geass as well, but there are too many good things when you combine the two and get this sorry excuse for an great escape plot.

When deaf people can hear the volume of WHAT THE FUCK!? by feeling vibrations through the soles of their feet, I think there’s a problem with the story; the earth has been moved to accommodate it.

Zero persuades the Britannia leadership, sans Nunally, to accept his exile from Japan SAR. So 1,000,000+ people don zero costumes and are thus counted as him under the law? In tricking Britannia he gains exile for the black knights and all members of the SAR.

But wait there’s more shock.

Suddenly, an Iceburg appears. It moves despite it’s weight, it doesn’t melt and has capacity to hold, transport and house one million. Those aftershocks in China are not caused by earthquakes; it’s 50 million Chinese jaws hitting the ground.

They better sort that out soon too, because the majority of the blogosphere seem to think that iceberg is now headed towards the Chinese Federation. Judging by this episode, the moon wouldn’t be too far for our favourite new masked revolutionary.

~ Teeif.



  1. Miracle of Dunkirk. Makes me wonder why I didn’t think about this when I wrote my CGR2-8 entry.

  2. Haha I thought this episode was somewhat hliarious

  3. But still it was filled with Code Geass awesomeness.

  4. You do realize ice floats… Its not hard to move something that floats. Also, Icebergs melt extremely slowly. Well you probably dont know anything about iceBERGs (not iceburgs) but please do your research before you blatantly say it is not factual.

  5. Oh also, you have to think about WHY they let all those people go, its not because they got “tricked” its because they couldnt do anything to stop them. A lot of this in this episode make sense. Even though this is only read by a couple people, I would appreciate it if you thought about the plot before writing a review about it. I bet you would also enjoy the show a lot more.

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