Posted by: Teeif | 31 May, 2008

Naruto 61: what he looks like

“[I am] A man who held you as a baby.” – Pedobear of the month (22:50) *groans* He might as well say it… “Luke Sora, I AM your father!”

Naruto 61 - ElementsNaruto 61 - sakura

Naruto Shippuden 61 (Naruto 281)

Sora and Naruto, our teenage heroes, are being molested by a couple of pedophilic bad people. Naruto is being chased by a man eating whore who desperately wants to kiss him and Sora has to deal with a old weirdo who is keen on toying with him.

Despite having just escaped a trap, leaving his friends behind, Sora manages to find time to sit down and eat. A strange, pipe smoking, shaggy haired old creep with a scar offers a sweet potato. Why say no? Well, it’s not long after a one-sided fight before Sora lies incapacitated on the ground and is forced to reveal his secrets – he’s got a not so insignificant demonic rash for a left arm. The creepy old man claims he knows Sora’s father while he attempts to persuade Sora to join the darkside help  save fire country.

So, public safety announcement #1: If he looks like a creep, he probably is, stay away! Public safety announcement #2: Don’t cut a lady’s hair. First, you get a woman’s scorn and second, you get a Chakara draining, fatal kiss. So unless you have the Chakara of a Nine-tailed-fox-demon inside you, you’re finished. Unfortunately, Naruto does, so he lives.

Sora senses Naruto is in trouble (GAY) and rushes to join the Meleé around Naruto which draws in all the badguys and all the good guys. However, this looks like it’ll be too expensive to animate so the bad guys are forced to retreat. Naruto and co. return to temple where Sai is thankfully written out the plot due to faggotry poisoning, Sora replaces him.

~ Teeif


  1. Haha, i love gay scenes!

    No i don’t, i think it’s lame

  2. I haven’t seen the past few episodes. Good thing I can rely on your episode summaries to accurately fill me in.

    Tell me if Asuma ever gets into a good fight. That’s the only reason I’d get back to watching this arc.

  3. I HATE GAY PEOPLE! not trying to be mean though.

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