Posted by: Teeif | 1 June, 2008

Vampire Knight 08: crazy art and crazy Yuuki

Vampire Knight 08 - heartVampire Knight 08 - lips lick

Vampire Knight: The 8th Night
Gunshot of Lamentation ~Blast~

I’m not sure why, but the vampires are making me laugh, they are out in technicolour PJs and multicolored hair during daytime – totally not cool at all. The two Nobodies lurking behind super moe meido are also really eerie. The art has gone completely haywire, in fact, they are practically glowing in the first screen shot! Keep a eye on Ruka in the screenshots, all taken within 5 minutes.

Vampire Knight 08 - groupVampire Knight 08 - group 4 even taller
Short                                                    Tall

Vampire Knight 08 - group 2 fatVampire Knight 08 - group 3 normal
Fat                                                         Normal?

Ruka fails in appearance and in life; Kaname rejects her blood. (Note: Idea almost entirely copied off LianYL‘s observations on Kurenai)

The focus of vampire knight has shifted away from Zero’s Emoism and Yuuki’s Moeism. The vampires are gathered around Kaname’s sulking when super moe maido (Is she a robo meido?) brings news that Ichiou’s Grandfather comes to visit. Apparently he’s a senior Nobel on the Council of the Ancients and he still has to bow down to Kaname-sama, so much for democracy.

The second half showcases Yuuki’s stunning talent for getting into trouble, the invisible bullseye on her back irrelevant as she stalks Zero straight into a vampire’s hideout. Next in line to rescue her is Shiki with his slightly bizarre blood manipulation trick. Almost dying doesn’t stop our genki Moetard of course and she immediately runs upstairs to get rescued again, this time by Zero. When will she learn?

Vampire Knight 08 - loligoth vamp
Perhaps the psychotic loligoth vampire at the end will teach Yuuki a lesson?

~ Teeif

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